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Ignored by Epson

Updated by user Apr 06, 2021

Epson made NO ATTEMPT to resolve my issue or to contact me(preferably vie email). They're ignoring me.

I want to make sure that consumers are aware of what a shoddy company Epson is. They refuse to acknowledge, help or even refund consumers for extra expenses spent to fix product.

To all consumers DO NOT BUY EPSON PRODUCTS. You will not hear from EPSON for they could careless.

Original review Mar 07, 2021
I wrote a complaint regarding an Epson xp 440 copier. The company has ignored my complaints therefore letting me know that they do not care about consumers buying their faulty products. Poor customer service that refuse to help cannot comprehend email complaints keep sending the same worthless emails over and over again. Spent a lot of money to fix problem so I got fed up and threw that worthless copier in the trash, wasted over $500 in cartridges plus other expenses taking it to professionals. I bought a laser printer and it's the best(not an Epson) When I was at the store I warned other customers not to buy any Epson products unless they want to waste time dealing with *** at customer service. So Epson has decided not to correct this matter and have ignored my complaints.
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  • Company ignores complaints refuses to refund money spent
  • Products does not work after several uses
  • Difficulty getting a hold of live person getting disconnected

Preferred solution: Full refund


Sylvia B Ipr
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Allstate - ALLStAtTE Ripoff & Dishonest

Claim filed for stolen snow blower & lawnmower valued over $1000 received a measly check for $367.37 to purchase new snow blower. I got nothing for the mower.That's not enough, snow blowers are expensive equipment. Sent requested paperwork by claims rep. for check readjustment. They refuse to cover the difference. They want me to put in the rest. Allstate should be renamed to ALLSCAM. Happy to take your money, but they never deliver on their adverstised promises. We are not in "Good Hands with Allstate". I have filed a complaint with BBB & have notified several social media. People should be warned to avoid Allstate & any companies in partnership with them. I have contacted the main corporation & have yet to hear a response from them. I hope a class action lawsuit is filed against ALLSTATE(ALLSCAM) and that they go bankrupt. What's the point in paying premiums if they're not going to be there for us when we need them. We all work hard for what we have & Allstate could care less. I'm going to continue to give them a bad rap until they resolve this matter to my satisfaction. In Good hands my foot!!.
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  • Ignored by allstate main corporation
  • False allstate advertising
  • No return calls
Reason of review:
claims rip off
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Allstates main corporation contacted me & immediately handled my claim regarding my stolen snow blower in July to my satisfaction. They sent me a readjustment claim check within 7 days & I was able to purchase a new snow blower.

With the small amount of extra cash I had left I purchased several bottles of oil for the snow blower & a extra pull cord.(Just in case the original breaks off). Thank u Allstate for taking my complaints seriously & handling this matter as fast as u did & to my satisfaction. Yet u need to understand & redo your policy regarding equipment such as snow blowers, mowers etc. etc.

Those are very expensive items and should never depreciate in value. Again thank u Alltstate for your quick response.