how do I get THOR to replace my motorhome or give me a free motorhome rental until ours is fixed properly

Thor Industries

Since 2018 when we bought our motorhome new supposedly, it has been in the shop approximately 6 months of the 23 months we have owned it. Even before we drove it off the lot for the first time there were seven identified issues.

now almost two years later and 70 issues and the main one being electrical, it is still in the shop. I believe all the electrical problems stem from THOR crossing wires on the auxiliary battery which have caused the smell of burning wires and other system failures such as the slide out motor, awning motor, chassis battery to go dead, the coach battery to go dead, intermittent refrigerator failure, electrical monitoring systems to read incorrectly, electrical shutoff for propane to allow propane from the tank to leak, intermittent loss of heating and air conditioning system. Finally this last time in the shop they have realized the the previous times they said nothing was wrong is now a reality. THOR basically told me it is out of warranty and TS the last time I called.

They also said in so many words the technicians that have been dealing with these problems at four different shops were incompetent for not finding the problems earlier (I.E. wiring hooked up wrong from factory).