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Shoddy workmanship

Thor Industries #1899833
I emailed you as requested a month ago and received no response. My vehicle is still in the shop with the same electrical problems I have had for the almost two years I have owned this vehicle. The last time I called THOR directly I was told the vehicle was out of warranty and TS on my problem that was diagnosed as your factories quality control to ensure the vehicle was assembled properly. It was found that one of the negative ground wires had been hooked up to the positive terminal at the factory which now has caused massive electrical problems throughout the vehicle. Your technician at THOR basically called all the service technicians incompetent whom I have had the vehicle in for repairs at different locations for not finding your error sooner. with the smell of burnt electrical wires we witnessed and the last lot person witnessed, the problem has now become major. I went back through all the times and services that have been performed and found the total shop time in the 23 months we have owned this vehicle has been 6 months with over 70 issues. We have been planning to use our RV for a trip since MAY of this year and now have to postpone our scheduled departure of 27 July ind...
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Rodricus Qic
I reviewing thor reviews before signing my loan papers and these review are making me think it is better to lose my $1000 deposit and walk away.