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Local Lighthouse - Warning!!!! NOT A PART OF GOOGLE!!!!

First and foremost let me explain their sales people (mine was Brain) will say anything to get you to sign up. After you sign up they will not let you out of the agreement unless you pay a termination fee. I spent countless hours on the phone with them week after week, Lies after Lies. Their only Job is to make it so you can't cancel. I am 3 months into this and today I offered to pay them in advance for the rest of my contract and all I wanted was a cancelation number and they wouldn't do it. The reason I believe they will not do this is because after my contract expires they will do everything possible to continue to bill me. Let me explain how this works. Local Lighthouse told me they where a Google Partner and could get me on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo within 90days. My rep. Brian said it would actually take a month. He told me a could check the status through He told me his company believed so strong in what they were doing they had an actually agreement that stated they would get me on page one. In the agreement I was asked to pick 3 key phrases when someone types into a search engine (Google) my company would appear. I called my rep Brain back with questions and asked him if the user would have to type in the town or the county into the search engine. EX. Tree Services in Orange Town. Brian told me that was a crazy question, No one would every type in the town or county after the key word. This is a huge lie and the most important thing. ALL THE REPORTS THAT ARE GENERATED ARE BASED ON YOUR KEY WORDS AND IN WHATEVER TOWN and STATE YOU ARE ADVERTISING. To me this isn't SEO its creating a really long domain name that very few people will find. In comparison if you own a Pizza Shop and live in Medford the end user will have to type in Pizza Shop in Medford NJ to find this site verses typing in Pizza Shop. In this comparison key words pizza shop may have 100,000 searches were Pizza Shop in Medford NJ may have less then 100. That's what Local light house is doing. It took Local light house about a month to get up and running for my account as soon as I saw that my 3 keywords were followed by the words (in, my city and state I contacted Local Light House, again they lied and said in my town, NJ was used so from their location in CA they would have to type in ex. Pizza Shops in Medford, NJ to see where my company rated. Then latter when I called them back they said " in the town and state is part of the keywords. I have asked every time to speak with my rep Brain and have been declined and forced to deal with other reps. I was very polite with them today and the rep I spoke to told me the sales department has misrepresented the company. Then I was transferred to the cancelation company(4th transfer of the day) The manager who I spoke to said I was under contract and there was nothing she could do. I very polite told her that as a business owner if my sales staff lies to get a sale and I find out they are fired and I make it right with my customer that is how respectable businesses operate. The second you lie to your customer about being a Google Partner and make false promises then when customers find out you are lying and try to cancel you use a contract to make it so they can't leave you should find another job. My contact number is 609.321.0714 and my email is Danielc1548@***.com. My name is Daniel. I will be contacting lawyers and if others have had similar experiences I will talk to my attorneys about a class action suit. In my eyes what they are doing is wrong and someone needs to do something about this. When you tell someone you are Google or a Google Partner and are not you are creating Fraud. In addition I will be contacting Google and Google Legal Department. If anyone else is doing anything or filing anything please let me know as I would like to be involved. Thanks, Daniel
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