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Message from Agora Financial Customer Service Director

Dear Consumers, I would like to sincerely apologize for the lack of service that you have experienced. At Agora Financial we strive to give great customer service. I’m here to help you understand the information you’ve viewed within our promotions, explain how our business works, and what services my team can provide you. All of our subscriptions have refund policies; this gives our customers a chance try out our subscriptions for a period of time at no risk and receive a refund. I would also like to address the post about "Canadian Social Security". You can legally piggyback on Canadian social security by investing in the same profitable companies that the Canadian system does. They’ve hired elite financial investors to make decisions on how to grow the pensions of all Canadian citizens. You too can invest in these same companies who pay dividends, on your own, right here in America. Once you become a Lifetime Income Report subscriber we would be happy to send you the reports that explain these investments. We can also offer customers a 365 day refund policy (from the subscription start date.) I would like to work with each customer to resolve any complaints. Please contact us at this phone number 1 (80*)708-**** or email us support@***.com. Thank you! Andrea Michinski Director of Customer Service
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Everybody thinking of sending money to this outfit, watch a month of American Greed and you will know exactly what this one is


just way to many complaints for me to do anything with this company


Here we are on a webpage that presents nothing but scathing reports of Agora's ongoing cons, and Agora's "Director of Customer Service" chimes in with a bunch of claims that the other writer have denied, and then throws in a sales pitch. Agora is independent from its ever-changing cast of "analysts," who are typically ex brokers looking for their next gig.

They might as well read the back of Popular Mechanics to get their ideas; the don't look into the financial situations or the product schedules of the companies they pick; and they don't have position-exit rules. Agora isn't in the business of financial advice, they provide a framework for individuals who write stuff that looks like financial advice. Saying, "You could make $$$" is hardly sophisticated analysis.

Then the company reconfigures itself, swapping people between corporate partners, (e.g. Bill Bonner the founder has left to start a new outfit), so that Agora no longer has to has to honor Bill's obligations because he's "no longer with the company." It's really a pretty slick scam.


True that Agora's customer service is BAD, but that's a GOOD thing, because Agora's stock picks, taken as a whole, loose lots of money. Their analysts recommend something new each month, won't admit they're wrong until a stock as gone down, 70%, 80%, 90%.

It doesn't sell more newsletters when they say, "I recommended XYY last month, but it has gone down 20%." If these guys knew how to invest profitably, they would, instead writing newsletters. AVOID.

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