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Comcast, poor customer service

Scheduled to upgrade my cable TV to include Phone and Internet access...the service man disconnected my phone on FEB 14th and failed to connect service. After many phone calls to the company's contact number 713-341-****, I became irate due to the fact that this company has no communication skills with it's field staff and do not assist there customers (although I advised them that I needed my local phone for Emergency use) was continually difficult to speak to anyone about the initial phone person, each 'supervisor' I spoke to advised me there was nothing they could kept saying "I'm afraid...." at which I advised they should be afraid..if this was the service they provided. In addition to calling the company (at least 4 times) I also emailed the Vice President of Customer Service...who guaranteed 24 hour contact...I received no contact via email or phone. I continually asked the customer service person (supervisors) for the address of the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and was advised that they do not have that address...that I should look it up on line (I can only presume they assume I have internet...apparently not thru them they haven't connected me yet). As service providers to my area, I feel they have a certain Monopoly and feel they do not need to provide "good" customer service... The service I have received up to this point is beyond POOR.
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you people are complete idiots - its not comcast's job to sign your contract - if you lose the paper work THAT IS YOUR FAULT not comcast - they are a cable company not a daycare service. Also a promo that is put out for NEW customers is for NEW customers not for some jack *** who feels he should get special treatment


I just switch over from another service to comcast and I agree it is the worst service of any utility service I have ever had. I do not like nothing about comcast to put in words all the issues would take a long long time.

They are extremely UNPROFESSIONAL.

They did not port my line as promise. They quote me one price over the phone and when the tech showed up he had something different and then said the sells people say anything for a sell (its all lies) when the first tech show up he said he was new on the job and didnt know much, so he had to call the TECH DEPT for help, but he had to pretend like he was a CONSUMER ...otherwise he would be charged. He didnt know basic things to get the job done...the SECOND tech although knowledgeable and capable was able to move the line ...except he could not move the line where I wanted it, because COMCAST didn't have my original number ported as promised by several indivduals.

THe second tech and the complaint department told me the first tech was fired for stealing..imagine they sent a theif to my house ..... I just dont believe COMCAST has so so many issues...its a horrible company and their work is really they are sending me a bill for shoty work I am so so dissappointed and wish I had left things the way they were


May 30th a Comcast tech came to hook up my cable for a 12 month digital cable promo that included HBO. I have a receipt and everything.

Yesterday I called Comcast, when I realized that my HBO was not working. They claimed that I was suppose to sign a contract that I didn't know was coming in the mail, and since I didn't, they moved me to a six month promo. By the way, they took me off the six month promo one month early. I am currently on the regular contract rate.

They are dishonest, and apparently banking on people losing their paperwork. Not me, not today!


I dumped ***-cast and dropped their cable from my home. It now sits across the street in a pile at the base of a pole.

They (initally) offered the $99.00/month deal for cable, tv and telephone to new customers only. I called and wanted the same deal. They told me no, new customers only. O.k.

A new cable outfit came to town. I successfully changed EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON MY STREET (SAVE FOR 2) OVER TO THE NEW CABLE COMPANY. The new cable companyis 100 times better. They give MORE FOR LESS.

Over a year later and it is still a bed of roses. If you can dump ***-cast, I would do so.

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Comcast - Poor Customer Service disconnected local line before new svc connected

Requesting a bundle pkg, I took off work for installation, appt set up for bet. 11-2PM on Feb 14, 2008, I arrived home at about 11:10 AM and apparently missed the guy. Called comcast to check, they told me they couldn't tell until after 2PM. Called after 2 and was told 'he' was still in the area, and should be by. NO SHOW. Called to reschedule, was told it would take 2 weeks. Come to find out, my local phone was disconnected on the 14th by comcast....Now i have no local service until they can come back out (the soonest is Feb 25 bt 2-4PM...which means I have to take another day off work)......I called and spoke to 4 diff. people at comcast, requesting a no avail. finally got a voice mail. when no one returned my calls, I called again. Got 'another' Supervisor "Oscar"...who has an Operator ID of TC( (closed parenthesis symbol???- what the *** is that???, and ID with a 'closed parenthesis symbol' get real.....and his Supr/Mgr is IVAN, but IVAN does not have a last name or an Operator ID as he is a manager? and he can't actually take calls or call people back?) I can only assume COMCAST is lucky to have any customers at wonder so many are going to Direct TV, even a small amount of CUSTOMER Service is better than NONE.
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