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West Coast Movers Horrifically Unprofessional

‪#‎westcoastmovers‬. I am HIGHLY disappointed in your (lack of) service. I booked 3 weeks in advance for a move from Long Beach, CA to Waxahachie, TX. I paid a deposit to guarantee my pickup. The pickup was scheduled for Wednesday May 6th 4-7pm. Casey (nice guy) called me a day ahead to go over a few things with me. Suggested I get TV shipping boxes for my 60 & 32 inch flat screens but insisted that I do not remove them from the wall. They do that to insure the safety of the TV and of us. I thought WOW what great service!! So.. We finish packing all day and we put all of the boxes in the garage to make it easier for Casey to move. We left my bedroom group and my sofa/chair in the apartment (and aforementioned TVs). 4:30pm rolls around and I still had not recieved that "2 hours out" text that Casey promised me. So I text him "ETA?". My scheduled departure was immediately following Casey's departure as I have horses arriving Saturday and I start my new job Monday. I recieved a phone call within the next 5 minutes from dispatch saying Casey's truck was full and would not be able to pick me up. There was no other truck available for that day. Mind you I was turning over keys. This was not just MY schedule there are many others involved here. Dispatch tells me they will pick up Friday. They will call Thursday between 4 and 7 with Friday's time. No call Thursday. I call several times Thursday night, no answer. I call Friday a few times.. Left a message. Finally I get a call back. We can't pick you up today. Sunday (Mothers Day) or Monday. We'll call you. No call Saturday. I called several times. Sunday after a few calls I am told pick up will be Monday, they will call later with the time. A few hours later the other dispatch girl (I seem to be working with 2 who don't talk to each other) calls and says the truck is one hour out. So I scramble to get someone in Long Beach to be there (Mothers Day). Mabel cuts her family dinner short for YOUR convenience. Then I get a call saying that It will NOT be in an hour but a few hours (4pm). THIS GUY they send calls me a few times sounding drunk or something, slow maybe? Having trouble locating the place. WOW. OK. GPS? When he gets there he says he has to park down the street and charge me for it. I told him to double park, there are 3 lanes that go thru there and that is the ONLY way to do it. It is the way that it's done. He argued with me. He argued about EVERYTHING. He was rude and belligerent. I ended up telling him to just leave it. I called the office the next day. Kayla (one of the dispatchers) said she'd call him and get right back with me. She didn't. I ended up calling again today, Wednesday the 13th. She acts like she has no idea what's going on. So I reminded her. I asked for my deposit back. She said because I didn't cancel 7 days in advance she couldn't give it back. YOU were the ones who didn't show up on my scheduled day! YOU are the ones who rescheduled 3 times. YOU are the ones who sent me an unprofessional rude driver. She said she discussed it with her manager and that it was agreed that I would not get it back. I said maybe I should talk to the manager.. She hesitated then said she'd see if he was available. Put me on hold. When she came back she said she could only reach them by email and that the owners were out of the country and difficult to contact. then said SHE is the customer service manager and that she can't give me back my deposit. I am a VERY PISSED OFF non-CUSTOMER. I will be cross posting this on EVERY review site I can find including YELP. I will yell loud and clear for all of the world to hear. BBB, Yahoo, U-Ship, transportreviews, consumer reviews, etc
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OMG!! They are the worst movers in the entire world.

I hate them. They are unprofessional, rude, never on time, lie, lie, lie just to get you to book with them. When you are booked with them, they basically have you by the balls when they reschedule the day they are supposed to come and get your stuff.

I wish I had never used them. They are awful and I wish they would go out of business.

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Long Beach, California
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