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Concorde Career College - Unauthorized Charges Review

Concorde Career College #984130
I am currently suing Concorde. I was removed from the radiology program with only 23 weeks left to finish. I was removed from the program as the result of a verbal altercation I had with a technician at the hospital. I was given permission to perform a comprehensive examination by senior technician; a second technician came in to room and started to take over my exam. I advised her I was doing comprehensive examination. She claims that my actions at the hospital put a patient’s safety in jeopardy. I have yet to be told by the hospital or the school how my asking to complete my exam put a patient safety in jeopardy. I was allowed to complete the two-hour exam on my own.
I do have a lawyer working on my case, but this has been dragged out for over a year. I am now trying to get some media attention behind this. I have had some response from 9news. I'm trying to get more people to write in about the problems they have had with Concorde get more attention.
Please take the time and email 9news so hopefully we can stop this from happening to others.
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