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Government Contract Registry - Mike Pirolo Danny Arrington and Greg Warren are conning clients saying they are still with their previous employer so they can continue to take their money, but not provide the service

Mike Pirolo claims he is friends with AG Pam Bondi and Jackie Calloway of Channel 10. And he may have been able to trick them for a while but as the truth comes out I'm sure they are finally investigating him, and rightfully so, he's stolen money from our best clients. He was the Sales manager of Fed Ver for 2+ yrs. Pirolo's new office Clearwater, FL after he was fired for stealing clients form Fed Ver. Even while he was still working for his previous employer, when he made a sale he'd have them write checks out to his own company and deposit clients money into his personal account Mike Pirolo has Jon Logan working for his new operation now and Pirolo and Jon Logan were responsible for the only 2 pieces of evidence ever created, that had anything to do with us. Pirolo and Logan each emailed separate clients with a mountain of lies to make a sale the attorney General has all of the proof Unbelievable how easily it was for Pirolo to manipulate Pam Bondi and Jackie Calloway. It’s too bad that Calloway and channel 10 have no investigation skills They are only miles from the smoking Gun! Lets just compare the facts for a moment Scorecard time: FED VER = 2,000+ GSA Awards Pirolo’s co. = ZERO GSA Awards Danny Arrington’s Co. = ZERO Awards Ted & Bill Davis Co. = ZERO awards Kevin Chase Co. = 78 Awards Mark Cordy/Greg Warren co. = Zero Awards 240 AG complaints against Fed Ver all came out of no where when Mike Pirolo and Jon Logan started their company with the clients they stole from Fed Ver 240 AG complaints is a greater # then the combined total of Charge-backs, BBB complaints, lawsuits, small court claims, arbitration hearings and letters from attorneys representing disgruntled clients Let that sink in…….the combined total of all of those other actions is less than the AG complaints Out of 240 complaints 92 lost charge-back requests because we had met all our service requirements. And 106 just complained because they say the false negative blogs on sites like this! Winning a lawsuit in court requires more than 2 emails, 7 clients that wanted a refund because they lost a chargeback request and 8 ex employees making false accusations! That's why the AG struck a deal in the 11th hour avoiding a trial! But they still hurt us in the end how many man hours spent dealing with this, money spent on attorney fees and we are left picking up the pieces with our clients that got scammed. Helping them by telling them how they can get refunded or charge-backs from this new company that just takes their money and provides no service!
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833-336-**** scam gsa scam


Thank goodness this is here. These type of people ruin the industry


I’m pretty sure I worked at this company and They goby Select GCR selling Gsa contracts Jason Bortz is listed as the president said this was his company too.

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Government Contract Registry - Mike Pirollo fraud scam thief

After being assured my company was guaranteed to be accepted by GSA, which it wasn't, I'm going to have to do a chargeback with Government Contract Registry (web address;, because they will not return my initial payment even though they agreed to if for some reason my company didn't qualify. Which even their contract reiterates! The original rep John, that I spoke to initially, when I call they act like he's not even working there anymore. Literally every time I call; he's on break or he left early that day. I guess he can do that when suckers like me spend my hard earned money to keep people like him employed!
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I just got the same attempt to scam me as well. What tipped me off was in the email signature the sender listed the companies duns number and CAGE code which I looked up and they are both unregistered.

100% scam! I


I went through the same nightmare with this company, I'm sorry to hear that I hope everything gets resolved, I just ended up doing a charge-back.

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