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Roca Labs - The only experience I have had is a good one so far.

That is like 20 lbs weight reduction a month. Very NICE and thanks nurse. You got it right. Commitment is necessary to be successful with Roca Labs.

Watch how Roca Labs improves and saves lives: and look at young Bry who reduced 215 lbs WITHOUT surgery
or Darlene the senior who reduced 86 lbs and prolonged her life thanks to Roca Labs It is an AMAZING way to achieve healthy weight as ALTERNATIVE to bariatric surgery.
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I am 60 y/o nurse who just started on this product and must say I have lost 5 pounds in 1 week. I know I have to be disciplined into losing the weight ,but Roca Labs helps me by making me fill full all the time and not wanting foods I ate prior to taking this product.

It is left up to the individual to lose the weight. You can not blame a product for you being over weight.

It takes time to lose with a healthy mind of self-discipline, diet and exercise. I know if I don't succeed it is no ones fault but mine Roca Labs did not put this weight on me ,but like any product you have to use it the way it tells you on the labels, stick to the program no matter how hard it is and the weight will come off with the help of this product.

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That sounds too poetic! You better off buying some Psyllium husks (you know, the fiber powder that has a fruity flavor) and/or some organic plant based protein and you will lose the weight.

This formula hasn't changed at all: Eat healthy and balanced (with the right amount) exercise frequently and have some discipline and I guarantee that you will lose the weight with way less money invested and without the nasty Non disparagement clause that Roca Labs somehow manage to enforce; so far without any government regulation; but that's about to change.

Roba labs is targeting those who don't now better, the cry babies that are fat and desperate to lose weight the easy way out without any hard effort. It's time to leave behind the excuses do what is!