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Methodist Physician Clinic - Horrible experience and total lack of honesty.

In January I received a letter from Methodist Physicians Clinic here in Omaha. They were reporting that they were going to send my account to collections because I had not met their minimum payment guidelines. My complaint is due to the fact that they never explained that they had a minimum payment guideline policy. I had been making payments every month, since 9/24/2008. I never missed one payment. I reported them to the BBB. Their response to the BBB was so far over due that the BBB had to send them a second notice of the complaint. They said that they were not monitoring the email account that they had on file at the BBB. (Lie #1). Finally after 45 days they responded. If they were not monitoring it they would not have finally responded. In their response they told lie after lie. I called them on their lies at which time they started back tracking and tried to cover their lies with more lies. They claimed that they had tried to reach me and had failed to get in touch with me. They claimed to not have my address. (Lie #2) If they did not have my address then how did I get their invoices month after month and how did the letter about collections get to me. They claimed that I had made inconsistent payments. (Lie #3). I countered this lie with proof from my bill payment account. They responded that they were looking at cases related to the account and not the account itself. (Lie #4). I responded that they send accounts to collections not cases, that the public could care less about cases. It is accounts that are billed, processed and sent to collections not cases. They claimed that they had sent my account to collections. (Lie #5) I checked with the three credit reporting agencies. There was no record of anything from them. I reported back through the BBB that this was just one more lie that they were fabricating. I stated that what the BBB and the public was expecting from an honest company was total transparency and truth. Well at the end of the day we can now tell that there is no honesty with this medical provider. By the way I owed them all of $80 dollars when this mess started and I had them paid off in March, 2009. So they created a real mess which could have and would have been nothing if they would have just left me alone to begin with. What a sad example of a company.
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Omaha, Nebraska