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Apple - They sent me 4 broken phones.

At the beginning of the year, I bought a Blackberry Curve. After only 3 months of use, the USB port broke, it wouldn't work, I couldn't even charge my phone. So I go to the tech center and they say "we will give you a reconditioned phone" I said "no thank you, I just bought this phone 4 months ago, I don't want a used phone, when I bought this one brand new, it's not fair." so I call my insurance and they said they could only send me a reconditioned phone, so I call Blackberry, they said they couldn't help me. So I call my mobile provider and the lady that answered actually helped me OMG! She got Asurion on the line and did the work for me, they sent me a brand new Blackberry Bold, I mean BRAND NEW, it was actually a totally different style than the ones they sell in the store, my cases wouldn't even fit it BC it was a different shape. SO needless to say, I was happy. A week into using the phone, I realize that the piece on the bottom of the phone is loose, and when pressed acts as a send button and calls people, crazy right? So I call Asurion again, they said they would send me another Brand new curve, but it would be a different color bc they don't have any new ones in red, OK fine no big deal, they send me a reconditioned phone, So I call AGAIN, talk to another supervisor, and she sends me another bbcurve. When it arrives 2 days later, I notice that the piece on the bottom is loose! So I drive to my mobile provider and show the agent, he is shocked and tells me to call the insurance again. So I call, the supervisor says she cant help me, and that she would have to down grade my phone, bc they have already sent me 3 of the phones and its like a "3 strikes and your out" policy, which doesn't make sense, since the phone being not properly assembled isn't my fault. So i tell her no I don't want a downgrade, that is ridiculous. So, I wait a week and call again, this time I get a really nice lady, she tells me that she is so sorry for the mix ups and that she would be happy to help me, and even upgrade my phone, which is "against policy" and send me the BB Bold, OK no problem I'm happy. 3 days later, I get the box, and it is the HTC Fuze, now I know that is a very good phone, but I don't want a touch screen phone, if I wanted a touch screen I would have bought the iphone months ago when i purchased the curve. So I call Asurion, again, and the girl that answered told me she couldn't help me, so I asked for a supervisor, and the supervisor was rather rude. She told me that she couldn't help me, and that I would have to keep the Fuze. I tried to explain to her that a touch screen phone doesn't work for me bc I have acrylic nails! She didn't understand, she just kept telling me no no no no. So, I'm not giving up, I tell her again, "if i wanted a touch screen phone, I would have purchased the iphone when i had the opportunity 4 months ago" And it was as if she knew I was about to ask for HER supervisor, that she finally said "OK, this is a one time thing, I'll go ahead and resend the equipment" this was yesterday, I haven't received an email saying my phone has been shipped or anything.. not sure what is going to happen, hopefully it will come tomorrow.
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