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Lazydays Rv Center - *** poor service

I perched a bran new 2019 forest river 38 legacy motor home paid cash. It was a nightmare. Pick up day was told to be there at 11:00 am it was not ready for us. We waited 6 1/2 hrs for it to be ready. 5:30 pm Finally, They take us to the RV on a golf cart . We see all the new RV with red bows on them For all the new customers. We are very excited then The First thing we see when We walk up to our bran new RV no red bow ( the red bow person most of went home for the day ) the entry light was hanging off the front door. The batteries had to be jumped to get the gen running. There was not hot water They had to change out electric boards The over head bed did not lower down. And there were scratches in the floor tiles. The wall paper was peeling off in the front dinning and bathroom walls . There were cracks on the shower wall. Hand rail was pulled out of the wall, entry steps did not come down . We were told to spend the night in it there, and they would fix the hot water and steps first thing in the morning Then was told to take the RV on our trip and when we get back they will address the issues. We made it 2 miles (3.22 km) down the road and the front end was shaking. Turned around and returned the RV Days later we were called to pick up the RV again was told the RV had warped tires. So they put new one on for us. (They made it sound Like they were doing us a favor. ) $180,000 you think at lease the tires would have been good It gets better. Finally, road trip. Headed down the road and the caps on the rims flew off. Got to Pennsylvania and the over head bunk would not go up there for the RV would not start. Do to being above the driver seat and won't let the RV start with it down Had to sit there for two days before Someone came out and got us going again Also we could not cook no propane the tank said it was full but no gas. Lazy days said they filled it when they filled the fuel. Well turns out there was a cape on an inside line. That did not let the propane in the tank. It was never removed from the manufacturer. So the tank was never filled or tested. Se we had to eat out. Well as we sit in no man's land We called the manufacturer, and we were told to take it to Buffalo NY to camping world 4 hrs away from where we were to have them look at it. We were told it would be a few weeks before they get to it, so we just hoped on a plane and flew back home to Florida. Two weeks later we revived a call from camping world and was told to take it back to the manufacturer because there was too much wrong with it, and they would not touch it. Also recommended is to get a buy back. So we hired a guy to drive it back to Florida. We dropped it off at lazy days on July 7th 2019 They called us a few time and said it was done and ready to pick up we go there and the batteries are dead and the show still had cracks on the wall still had electrical problems, so we leave it and wait. I was told the time was because the manufacture was the hold up on the parts. So I call manufacturer, and we go back, and they fill me with *** So any dropped it off 7/7/2010 and today is June 16th 2020 and still don't have my RV. There waiting on parts. Lol. So I do not recommend buying anything manufactured from forest river Nor will I ever recommend lazy days. For sales. My opinion they both suck. If this was warren buffets RV it would have been fixed in one week or people would have lost their jobs. Oh, wait he dont own one maybe because his company forest river builds junk. Have a good day
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Hello, We apologize for letting you down. It was not our intention.

We would like to continue working with you to make sure you are taken care of.

Can you email us at and provide your contact information? - Regards


I’m going to shoot it to you strait. You have my info.

I reached out to guys many times. I won’t name names ! *** you still have my rv . Look up my info and check the list of 10 plus pages of work that had to be done to the rv.

Please note this was a bran new rv. From the manufacture so I was told ? And look how long you had it I owned it for over a year now and it has only been in my possession for 3 weeks over a year You say contact your customer experience Well Your customer experience Is nothing but blowing smoke up peoples *** save it. Your respond Here is just to show that you responded In a timely manner on this site If you would have responded too my rv within a timely manner you would not have loss sales and been giving a horrible review..

and Placed it the eye of the public It’s not that ease with me the damage is done. You guys put my rv on the back burner because it was under warranty and took care of other Rvs that were paying up front first. Because you already had my money. So why rush just work on my rv at your lesser .

And don’t say you were waiting on pars. Several times I called the manufacturer and was told part were there or they did not even know of the parts needed. And you know who I was talking to from the manufacturer his name is In your notes It’s not this site that is going to get the true word out to people it is me in person. That will do it .

I know just as well as all the employees at lazzydays that it is not cut out to be what lazzydays portrays. It is not my loss to never due business With lazzy days Or forest river it is the loss of lazzydays days And forest river I’m a true buyer not a dreamer. I also can spread my experience And share my photos of the junk rv with many people do to, that I travel all over the US ,Canada And Mexico. On a monthly bases.

I have homes in 6 states from north to west. The people I encounter are campers. And there Buyers as well . Also I am a Owner of a camp ground in up state NY also looking to purchase another one in central Florida So my goal here is to inform as many people about my experience , to make sure that my fellow campers do note get the run around or shaft like I did.

Please NOTE that the working staff at lazzy days is not the problem. It the upper management , there were jobs cut to save cost . But the ceo and uppers still get big checks at my expense FYI sometimes cutting corners can be costly. As you will see.

Ps please note in the past 4 1/2 months I had one Nabore, one family member and two acquaintances Purchase rvs.

And not one was from lazzydays . Or forest river $64.000 $193,000 $86.595 $36.00 Total $379,590 Not bad I bet you wish you never responded to this one stare Have a good day

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  • Do not have the staff to do proper maintenance
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Respond to this with why it took so long and why was I not first priority. When I payed cash and the sale was done I feel it was not imported. You sold me junk