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Greentree Servicing - GreenTree Financial is a very unprofessional company.

I have major problems with GreenTree Financial. I own a Clayton single wide home in Southeastern Indiana that is on lakefront property that I also own. GreenTree is servicing this mortgage for BankAmerica Housing Services which is a division of Bank of America. This is not a sub-prime mortgage. GreenTree has been calling me repeatedly. Yes, I have gotten behind in my mortgage payments, but not too far. I live in Northeastern North Carolina currently. GreenTree has found out that I have a renter in this home. First they said that I had violated my contract by renting in out. After reviewing my contract, I found that I am not in violation. Then they said that I abandoned this home, no I did not, it's occupied. They have contacted everyone in Indiana that I had used as a reference when I purchased the home and land in 1998. They have told everybody that I am a deadbeat, that I am ***, that I am using my money for illicit purposes, that I am not to be trusted, and that I am a filthy liar. They have also contacted my renter and stated to him that he can file criminal charges against me for committing fraud against him because I have been using his rent payments for illicit reasons. How they got his number or name, I have no idea. He started renting on March 01, 2008. I've sent him documents showing that the only money that he has paid to me that didn't go to any debt in Indiana (Mortgage, Electric, Water/Sewer, Homeowners Association Dues, Property Taxes) was the amount of $29.51. My renter is now paying the electric since March 01, 2009 for a lower rent amount. I have also informed him that it is costing me $58.00 extra each month over the rent that he is paying for me to even own the property. On April 6, 2009, Samantha from GreenTree called me and told me that I was $736 behind and if I didn't pay this immediately, then Legal was going to file criminal charges against me and that I should expect a very long prison term. I informed her that over the past 4 weeks, I have paid GreenTree in excess of $800. She said so what! She informed me that all but $100 went to her department for her cost to collect from me and that the $100 went to what I owe. She then informed me that GreenTree was through dealing with filthy *** like me and that Legal was going to put me in my place as I should be. After several choice words from her and from me as well, I ended her call. I am now filing for Chapter 13 for all my debts. But, since my Indiana property is now considered as investment property, I have to relinquish it to the Banruptcy Court. I sincerely hate and despise GreenTree for everything they have put me through these past 3 months.
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harrassing ,rude calls. how do you deal with it is there a way to stop them. is a month behind a crime?


We have recently gone through a very similar situation with Green Tree. They have been calling harrassing my mother over being one month behind in a home that was financed in my deceased fathers name.

They have called repeatedly and left nasty messages for her calling her all sorts of names and now don't want to come and take the home off of her property but they state that she is illegally living there. I will always discourage anyone to do business with them.


I have been dealing with this company for 7 yrs now, and I have all but stopped answering their calls. I get behind at least 3 times a year due to the nature of my work.

I simply wait for their forclosure doc and then pay it when the funds become available. They have tried to convince me that they are going to foreclose anyway, but so far I've called their bluff numerous times.

Ignore their collection agents, just follow the paperwork you receive. On paper they have to be legal, but by phone they can say anything.


They used the same tatic's but in front of my 7yr old son. They even told me they have already sold my house in order to extort money.

I now just ignore their calls and send in my regular payments and Im really only a monthy behind.

Which would be $1k, but they say its $6K + according to their numbers. Nothing but liars and theifts.


I agree with you about them being unprofessional. They badger, harrass and pressure with untrue statements just to scare people.

My solution is just don't talk to them. Pay them and that's it. If you get behind, ignore them. Catch up but don't talk to them.

Avoid the stress. The law is on our side when it comes to dealing with bill collectors.

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