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1 Van Lines - Number One Van Lines is a horrible moving company -- stay away

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES USE THIS COMPANY FOR ANY LONG DISTANCE MOVE ONE VAN LINES or #1 VAN LINES 1835 NE Miami Gardens Dr Ste 276 Miami, FL 33179 US DOT: 244**** MC: 843037 This moving company should be put out of business. You will regret doing business with them and have nightmares. I was contacted by Amanda Becker, yes I’m going to use names. She seems very nice and caring because I explained the situation of the move. She gave me a reasonable quote, I did expect it would be higher. But I didn’t expect it to more than double. Yes, my original quote was $2400 and the final price came in at $5300. Once they are in your home packing your items it’s too late at that time to change movers. The contract says, Professional Movers. Well, the driver may have been a professional mover, but the helpers were high school students. One young man was 14, a freshman in high school. They were not professional movers, I’m not even sure it’s legal to use minors. That I will further check into and find the correct organizations to file a complaint. After getting the items packed, we needed the items held in storage for a few weeks. That was part of the contract, at no extra expense. What a mistake. I was told call 5 days before we wanted the items delivered. Note at this point Amanda Becker had completely stopped taking my calls or answering my emails. Working with the dispatcher Melvin, I don’t have his last name was also a nightmare. He would answer the phone and put me on hold and never return to the call. As many times as I would call back, I wouldn’t get an answer. I know they are using caller id, and just not answering my calls. I was referred to their customer service that didn’t have any information about my order. I knew I was in trouble when calling customer service, they asked the name of my moving company. How does customer service not know the name of the company they are providing service for? Needless to say this move was a nightmare. Our items were picked up on 2/8/15 and delivered on 3/21/15. The items were broken, boxes smashed, destroyed. Also I was charged another $275 because the movers had to walk more than 75 feet from the truck to the front door. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. FAIR WARNING, STAY AWAY. YOU WILL REGRET IT. This is just a small sample of the horrible experience I had with this company. If anyone wants to contact me, and I can give details. I’m only speaking the truth. I lived thru this horrible experience. Now the next stage, filing a claim for all the destroyed items.
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Hi. I had a very similar experience with them.

Forever to deliver. Liars, liars and horrible people to deal with. The men who delivered my things also complained about the company and quit soon after delivery. My story is very long as to everything they did and the aggravation they caused me.

75% of my things were damaged and the other 25% are lost. Including a heavy wrought iron cocktail table. I filed a claim and they came up with $66 when @ .60 per pound they owe me over $1,000. My problem from the beginning was, Having been contacted by a company who I asked more than once if he was a broker and he insisted, no.

When the truck came they had a different name on it. I asked why a different name and they said that they were the same company as who contacted me initially. A big lie. The first person is a broker and then sent me 1 Van Lines.

They are disgusting human beings. They screamed at me, charge me extra to deliver my things and they should be out of business. I am suing them. It doesn't matter if I collect money.

I just want it to be recorded about what a terrible company they are. I have also contacted 7 on your side. Be careful of BEACON out of Brooklyn NY. He is a raving nasty lying maniac broker.

Michael from 1 Van Lines and Julia are horrible too. All DIGUSTING!!!


Oh my the same thing happening now to me, and you are correct once Amanda gets your money she is nonexistent. My security question was the same thing, name of moving company.

I was contacted to pay more money in order to get delivery, what? Things picked up on July 10, still nothing, August 3. In Georgia, moved from mass, with two 7 year olds, and no belongings.

Do not use this company. You are not a valued customer, they are deceitful and scammers.

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most of the above. Horrible company