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Athenix Body Sculpting Institute - Laser Skin Tightening Review from Fountain Valley, California

Athenix in Irvine Nightmare! Doctors quit after they nitch you up with no real fat loss results but disfigurements and loose skin in areas you never asked for! These are doctors who are obviously practicing! I wish there was a way we could all get together to see an attorney! I have found other complaints and they are all between 2013 to 2015. It's funny how all their doctors disappear! Mine did! The first time...I had zero results but left with a loose lower stomach that I never wanted done, and lumps of fat balls. So a year later they agree I need revision after seeing my before and after pictures...before looked better!!!! So I do a revision and add my upper thighs (saddlebags). The doctor never touched my saddlebags but got the middle side of thigh...who does this? She was incompetent! Did not get my underarm fat but left my arm pit sagging where I now need surgery! Not one revision came out, not one! Flanks, hips, lower back ribcage, and arm fat! All the same! I asked the doctor (Barnett) not to go into my lower stomach since she had already loosen it so much and made if fold over now when I sit! She said she would do laser skin tighten. Their Vaser machine was broken that day! I could hear them talking about the morning of surgery! I don't know what she did but after the swelling went down I need a lower tummy tuck and you can see the skin fold in my clothes! I never had anything like this. She should have known better!!!!! I now have to buy new tops to hide! Mind you...I never wanted my stomach done. The upper stomach....not an ounce of fat removed but she shuffled the fat around with her magic wand so now I have an inconsistent look of fat mounds here and there. They offered full revision AGAIN!!!! And this time with a arm put surgery to cut the skin due to their mistake and wanted me to pay another $5000 on top of the $$14,000 I already paid! And to add.... I never had to buy new pants....never even went down a size from either surgery! What nerve they have to want to charge for their mistakes not to mention what wacky doctor do they expect to do me now?? They are getting away with this stuff at the moment but we all owe it to the consumers to get out there on and all the forums you can find and put them on blast. Go to BBB and Comnsumer Alliance and make complaints so that they show up for all to see! Email me at lmartinez6@*** for questions or to start a group lawsuit!! There are lawyers in Orange County who will review our case and no charge, they get paid when we get paid! If Yelp takes me off due to Athenix....I will get back on! And I'm going to be everywhere on the Internet unless Athenix makes this right!
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Perhaps you might want to consider speaking with the medical director about your concerns and seeing about the possibility of having areas corrected. I have walked this path and my outcome was beautiful.

Dr. Sherman was amazing.


You are right.. lets get together and sue them..


There are multiple complaints about Athenix. Be the voice!

Do something about it!

Athenix Portland is operating illegally also... What a joke for a business.


After all they did wrong why would you even go back to them for revisions at all. They obviously are incompetent, and I don't think a lawsuit would do very good because you keep going back. I'd take some pictures of the areas and go from there with a completely new doctor not accossiated with them


Im so sorry to hear of this! Thanks for posting!


Would they take a case on from Washington? I had similar thing happen to me at the Bellevue location!

I am bigger than before and I spoke to a world renouned surgeon and he said they should not be in practice.

I would love to file a lawsuit to get my money back and the money its gonna take to get fixed by a real surgeon! I now have depression and feel worse than before.


They botched me also and gave me every lame excuse in the book to stall a free revision. I would like to be included in any lawsuits filed against this meat shop.

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