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Signed contract & paid deposit = meaningless to owner of rental

Pytha Realty Group #960829
As one of the owners of Pytha Realty Group I am not sure why this individual has any problem with us. My understanding is she made agreement to rent a unit from the Owner of a property we manage without our knowledge that was already booked. Once we found out about the the problem we then tried to help her find another place to stay.
As a company doing many rentals for many years we obviously have written binding agreements with our Owners. If an Owner of a property in our rental pool decides to use their property they are required to change the availability in our system which they can easily do via their Owner Portal. In addition our agreement clearly states if the owner attempts to utilize the unit without blocking it out in our system and we have a booking then our guest will get the unit. We spend thousands of dollars a month advertising these units so we have to have this agreement. Obviously we could not possibly rent units if the Owners don't follow this protocol. In addition our Owners really should not be attempting to rent their unit as they are not properly setup for this and that is why the hired us a rental company.
In regards to our company trying to place thi
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