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Wall And Associates - Wall & Associates

Looks like Wall & Assoc is trying to post anonymous positive reviews about their service to try and negate the negative reviews. There are no names associated with some of the positive reviews and some of them are from Wall.

Their Wall of Fame doesn't have any specifics either. The attorney General of Virginia is currently investigating Wall & Associates so don't be fooled. This is just another tactic to try and scam more people out of money.

If someone at Wall can contact all of us that were scammed and provide proof of success for "

real cases" and also resolve the cases for everyone that has been scammed by them or give their money back, (I have a long list) then Wall can then say they are legitimate.

Wall And Associates Reply:
Wall and Associates, Inc. understands the concerns of our clients who are facing aggressive collection action from the IRS or their State taxing entity. Some clients come to Wall and Associates, Inc. with a multitude of issues that cannot be easily remedied. After years of tax delinquencies, the tax authorities do not typically resolve past due tax balances with the immediacy some clients expect. Our office works to address all matters to meet the needs and timelines of our clients, but because we rely on a third party, the IRS and/or State, that is sometimes not feasible.

Our office operates under the rules and guidelines of the IRS and the work that we do has to stand up to the rigors of IRS review. Doing work of that quality takes time and it is not beneficial for us, as your representative, to trade speed for accuracy.

We have offered this client the opportunity to fairly lay out her concerns, but she has failed to comply although we have tried to work out a resolution with her on numerous occasions.

When you hire Wall and Associates, Inc. you really are hiring one of the best tax resolution firms in the nation. We have experience in handling almost any tax controversy and have the know-how to get the job done.

We prefer to let our case results speak for themselves. To see a listing of some of our recent successes we would like to encourage you to check out our blog at

If you are facing a tax controversy and need the help of an experienced company who won’t take NO for an answer we encourage you to consider us. Check us out at for a little information on the IRS resolution process and to see if our services are a good fit for your needs.

The Wall and Associates, Inc. Management Team
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Wall And Associates - Ripped off by Wall

They kept leading me on telling me they were going to resolve my tax issues with the IRS and state and they took my retainer of over $3000 and a monthly payment for over 3 years and they didn't handle it. I was served by my local sheriff department because they didn't even contact the state for over 3 years to get me resolution.

I had my bank account garnished as well by the state. This company is a ripoff! I retained a different tax resolution firm and they made significant progress in just a few weeks.

Every time i would speak with a representative at Wall & Assoc they would give me to someone new and I would have to keep starting all over again. If anyone wants to join me in a lawsuit I would be willing to pursue suing them.

Wall And Associates Reply:
Wall & Associates, Inc. is one of the largest tax representation firms in the country. We serve taxpayers in all 50 states and no matter what the nature of your tax controversy - we have a solution.

We are committed to customer satisfaction and helping our clients put their tax problems behind them.

Unfortunately, our office is unable to identify the individual responsible for this comment as a client of our office. Our goal is to address all concerns regarding our office in a timely and responsible manner. If you are a former or current client of Wall & Associates, Inc. and have questions about your case, we encourage you to reach out to our office at 800-989-5911 so that we may address your concerns directly and quickly.

To find out a little bit more about Wall & Associates, Inc. and to see what solutions we offer we encourage you to check us out at:

If you are curious to see some of our recent success stories and see the power that Wall & Associates, Inc. can leverage in resolving your tax controversy we encourage you to check out our blog at:

Remember, tax problems are serious business and it pays to have someone knowledgeable and competent on your side. Wall & Associates, Inc. has over 30 years of experience in addressing all manner of tax controversies. By leveraging the power of our experienced staff, you can rest assured that you are in safe caring hands and you don’t have to face the IRS alone.


The Wall & Associates, Inc. Management Team
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I fully agree. Met with a representative in Wilmington, DE and was told we would probably have to pay s fraction of the $20,000 we owed the IRS.

Sent them multiple copies of documentation and today was told they can't do anything! They had no problem taking $350 amonth from my bank account every month though!


Please contact me at 816-405-5667


I paid $7500 in Feb 2015 and paid monthly $700 !!up to now nothing has been done .with that money I could have paid my back taxes,I feels so bad,it's a real scam. I called the person who got me into these mr Andona but nowhere can be found


Contact me if you have not already. 816-405-5667


Id love to get in on a lawsuit with these scam artists.


Please contact me so I can add you to the list with contact information and keep you updated. 816-405-5667



My name is Yulia.Me and my husband have been through even worst nightmare with them. WE lost over $50K and as of today one of our accounts been garnished.We would like to join you and many others in this law suit.

please email me : yuliafashion@***.com

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