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The National Sleep Foundation who supposedly recommends the My Pillow is a fraud.

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I purchased one of the pillows thinking that now here is a pillow that is better than any other pillow. I was very disappointed. The informercial I believe said free shipping and complete satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied return for a full refund, no questions asked. Well since the shipping was free, I would have had to pay to ship the item back as well as their cost of shipping the item to me. So I would be charged two shipping charges plus a restocking fee. Well it is better to give the pillow to Goodwill or the Salvation Army as the cost of returning this item is not worth it. Just goes to show to purchase locally at a reputable store or you could order from Amazon. But then there you could be running into the same thing since the Pillow Store would probably be a 3rd party vendor and depending the contract Amazon has with the Pillow Store will depend upon the free return shipping plus the restocking fee.
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