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Resolved: John Elway Chevrolet - Incorrectly fitted and crushed Oil filter

John Elway Chevrolet - Incorrectly fitted and crushed Oil filter
John Elway Chevrolet - Incorrectly fitted and crushed Oil filter
Update by user Feb 17, 2015

John Elway Chevrolet has written a letter indicating that if my car suffers and engine problem during its Hyundai warranty period and Hyundai does not cover. John Elway Chevrolet will cover the engine at their expense.

I in turn must have all my oils changes performed at an authorized Hyundai dealer.

I must also indicate my satisfaction on this and other review sites.

Original review posted by user Feb 10, 2015
"Incorrectly installed and crushed oil filter" John Elway Chevrolet Service performed a pre delivery oil and filter change November 2014. I had my next oil and filter change Jan 29th 2015 at a Hyundai dealer they brought me the crushed half of the centre hole was blocked. The Hyundai dealer indicated on my Invoice that the oil flow was not at normal levels, I sent photographs and the Invoice to Chris Cleavenger Jan 29th.I phone Chris on the 30th Jan to see his thoughts, he asked if he could contact me Feb 2nd as he must speak with the GM Josh Letsis.I waited for a phone call none came so I phoned Chris ,he asked if he can phone me Feb 3rd no call happened. I phoned him Feb 6th I spoke with Chris and Josh. They asked if they could phone me Feb 7th which they did but needed to speak with someone else so can they phone me Feb 9th. I have a Hyundai warranty on the car, I asked that John Elway Chevrolet Service provide a letter stating that if I had an engine problem related to the crushed Oil filter that John Elway Service would pay for the repair ( I of course would guarantee that all my Services would be done on time at my cost at a Hyundai Dealer). John Elway Chevrolet told me that they would not do this. But they would buy my car back and they would keep the dealer fees and sales tax etc. I don't believe I should lose money, I never asked for money from John Elway Chevrolet just some assurance that the Incorrect work they had done does not affect the life my engine during the warranty period as Hyundai Dealer has recorded the incorrectly fitted and crushed filter in my records. If I could post photographs and my Invoice on the review I would
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That little dent in the paper will not affect anything. You will be ok


Based on what, as the flow was reduced by half and there was *** through the filter where the dent was ?

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John Elway Chevrolet to write a letter that in case my engine suffers damage caused by the Incorrectly fitted and crushed oil filter they would cover the repair costs.I of course would guarrantee that the car was serviced on time at my cost at a Hyundai