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Eugene Podesta (Gene Podesta) with Baker Donelson is Unethical, Untruthful & Unrofessional

Eugene Podesta is absolutely the worst lawyer I've ever had the misfortune to come into contact with. Gene Podesta routinely misrepresents both the law and facts in any case he is trying. Podesta will not only lie to opposing counsel, but will distort and misrepresent the law and facts to any judge he's in front of. Baker Donelson should think seriously about the impact Podesta has on their reputation. I know fo several attorneys that are considering formal complaints against Eugene Podesta (Gene Podesta) for the breach of his professional code of conduct. We shall see what the bar thinks of his conduct.
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Totally agree. Eugene Podesta and his colleagues at Baker Donelson are incredible.

I was involved in the Georgia Expedia case, where Gene Podesta (and a hundred other lawyers from Baker Donelson) refused to accept the trial courts ruling, pulling out every trick possible in their attempt to keep their client Expedia from having to pay hotel occupancy taxes (like every other hospitality company). In the words of US District Court Judge Lawson, "Like a bad penny, this case keeps turning up."

There is no question that Eugene Podesta and Baker Donelson breaks any and every rule to win, having the attitude that if a lowly trial judge rules against them they'll just remove, appeal, transfer, motion, etc., and if they don't get the result they want, then it all starts again; remove, appeal, transfer, motion, etc. etc. I finally realized that Podesta and his colleagues actually believe that they and their clients are far above everyone and everything, including such trivial things as the law, judicial system, lawyers, judges, governments, and little old you and me.

Against lawyers like Eugene Podesta, don't make what would seem the safe assumption that they will follow the rules.

Instead expect them to twist every word of every rule, use every possible gray area, and disregard law and precedent at every turn. I wish everyone good luck against these people.

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