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Bankers Life And Casualty Company - Just got a call, I will not go to their interview

I put out my resume on Monster and other sites yesterday, and just an hour ago got a call from this company. Some MAJOR red flags popped up while talking to the recruiter. First of all, I did not apply for this job. Since they initiated contact with me that shows they will hire anybody. Second of all, they specifically told me to dress in "business attire," which honestly shouldn't be said. It's obvious people! Third, if they had actually read my resume they'd notice I don't have experience in sales. Strange that they'd want someone with zero experience to work for them. Fourth, the "interview" sounds more like a presentation since the lady mentioned a group interview. The recruiter spoke in very broken English and really quickly. Pretty hard to get any further information from someone when you hardly have a chance to speak or understand them. They never told me what the job actually is, I had to google the company and find out the details myself. I got the impression from reviews online that people have to pay for training. NO NO and NO to that. So to anyone reading this: If this company calls you, just treat them like a telemarketer and tell them no to anything.
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First of all, if you upload your resume to is for companies to call you, or no?

Second, I haven't see yet an insurance agent dressing with shorts and t-shirt, they dress with a suit

Third, you don't need experience in sales because they will train you, and you don't have to pay for it like you said, is better to train somebody from scratch than change a persons habits. You're lying, and you know it.


Were you drunk posting? Let me explain some very simple concepts to you, which I understand may be hard to grasp if you are still drunk.

So, you may need to check back after you have sobered up. First, people post their resumes online for LEGITIMATE companies offering a REAL job with salary, benefits and a work/life balance to contact them. Second, having worked in HR for many years, I can tell you the only time a company reminds applicants to dress professionally is when they themselves are ignorant or they are hiring low-level people for a *** job. Third, whether someone needs experience in sales or not, BL should not be contacting people without being UPFRONT and HONEST that this is 100% commission only insurance sales.

They don't.

Finally, they do indeed charge money for various fees and you d@***n well know it, so stop lying, you piece of human excrement! BTW: how's the hangover?

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