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I would like to put under attention to the unfair treatment and conclusion by Mufti Arshad end of october my wife contacted Mufti Arshad at kowloon mosque, to explain the domestic and religious problems she was having with me. She handed over 2 pages documents with all details, that were not entirely true. To that Mufti Arshad didn't ask me to come in office to discuss on that matter. He issued his answer on that paper , making my wife unlawful for me according to his school of thought. My query to one of the most respected and knowledge individual,Mufti Arshad, is that why did he not invite me, as per the norm in a domestic situation like ours. He should have solved the issue by sitting us down together and come to a mutually accepted agreement. On the contrary, my wife is being brain washed, and is not prepared to have any relation with me, based on the Fatwa type answer  issued by Mufti Arshad. I request the islamic society of Hong Kong to give me justice, by voiding the fatwa, which is baseless and i am prepared to provide all necessary documents to prove the invalidity of such a Fatwa, if needed. Moreover, since Mufti Arshad, made this simp situation into complex one, i therefore, request the islamic society of Hong Kong to ask him to resolve the issue.please help me here , i am in dire need of your help, I have 4 kids, they need us both.
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I think mufti is uneducated or not enough knowledge of Islam


Dear it is not the decision it was the answer of the question , as mufti sahib has given the answer to Aftab also, Mufti sahib has also spoke Aftab several times before writing the answer to his wife, It is his claim that she is writing false and what he is saying, his wife is saying it is false, it is not mufti work to investigate the matter, his duty to answer according to the question if the question is based on false statement then it is not valid.


Brother you are right. Mufti called me few time but never invited me to come and discussed on what aftab wife provided.

Mufti asked to aftab about proof (like fatwa) living after triple divorce, brother I know what is triple divorce and I know what is divorce in three majlis. And even aftab knows also. Because he is ahle hadees. And according to that fiqah it is only aftab is not doing wrong.but according to mufti answer, I saw brother, he wrote in three majlis which is totally wrong.

I asked aftab he said not in three majlis..

Brother if same happen to you what will your reaction if you are not Daubandi. Tell me please


And please brother if you are friend of mufti or doing job under him don't reply me again. Thanks for understanding me.


when someone has decided not to live with her husband then no mufti can bring her to the husband, mufti is not a policeman to force someone's wife to stay with husband. The question is this why she went to mufti to ask a question, mufti is bound to answer the question, please share the fatwa of mufti with questions and please also share the fatwa of yourself that you took from mufti, the people will understand the facts.

You being husband can not control your wife and children how someone else will force them to stay with you. khalid Mahmood


That's what I told your mufti Saab, that what she wrote all false, even your president and mufti shohib. Agreed that Arshad Saab should invite you and your wife on table then make decision.but he never asked me to come.

I went to wan chai masjid Imam and he told me different..and brother for your kind information last 19 years I was controlling my family.. Not you.. And sure you cone to me I will show you all of my fatwa.because I am not Daubandi.

And I think you are doing job in kln you talk against your mufti. If you need more information call me 9715****.


And for your information there is different between fatwa and answer. And mufti issued a fatwa not a answer... Come I show you if you want truth.


i am agree with you brother, he is responsible what he did.


its big shame for........


President of Hong Kong Islamic trusty must take action agianst mufti

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