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She's horrible

Celestial Designs #903094
It would have been nice if this customer would have contacted me first about issues she has with my business, instead she has forced me to diffuse every one of her claims in a public manner. I will first address her claim to coming in several times and her gown only being done 24 hours before the wedding… She came in for the first time in April, the note on her estimate says “Gown is here, don’t do any alterations until consultation in June to note weight progress.” This customer had a habit of not showing up for scheduled fittings and not contacting me for days later. She did not decide until July 12th (wedding August 2nd) to remove the zipper and add a lace-up back with custom color lace-up, lace straps, and custom Swarovski beadwork to gown (which added $260 to the estimate). She was scheduled to come in to check the lace-up on July 18th, didn’t call and didn’t show up until July 24th 6 days later (wedding August 2nd). These circumstances are what pushed her pick-up closer to her wedding. The reason her gown was picked up the day before the wedding is because she had me steam it and keep it hanging for the wedding. The curtains over the doorway to the fitting room…a comm...
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I saw your child walk all over the bottom of the dress. I helped put shoes on your child. Dirty. (Not attacking your parenting, I also have kids with dirty feet on occasion) I also saw her grab the dress and leave a greyish smudge. I agree, you should be able to own a business and raise your child, however, to allow her to touch and walk on someone's very expensive wedding dress is very unprofessional. I was cringing.