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GiftCards Com - discounted gift cards suck

I ordered over $500 worth of discounted Homedepot gift cards at 12% off from I received an order confirmation. Apparently I missed their "verification" call from an 800 number. No message, no text, not email requesting verification, nothing. Shortly after that I received an email that they canceled my order. Huh? I checked my account and saw I mis-entered my billing address by one digit. The cards that were canceled on my first order did not show up on their site or if they did not at 12% anymore (strange). The only cards that were available now were 11% discount. I placed that order and the website said I was BLOCKED. WTF?? I called the next morning. The rep was useless. I could not get "verified" nor could I get my order. I also emailed them. They emailed me back with some BS about how they pride themselves on their "security". Oh, good for you, you're security is so good you're losing business from a good customer. Congratulations. Ok .... so I took my $3,000 and went to another company and bought discount cards from them with no problems. I'm sure many, many people have used successfully. You may be very happy if you order from them and not have any problems. But if you miss their ONE phone call or accidentally input any of your information incorrectly, you're likely to get your order canceled and maybe even be blocked. BTW, sent a final email reply saying my complaint was "resolved". What did that mean? That they WERE NOT going to unblock me and I could never order from them. Nice resolution! Do yourself a favor, buy from another company even if it costs you a whole 1% more.
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My review was for with an "S"...... NOT or!

I don't know how got placed on my review.

I have never done business with them. My apologies to

However, my review for, their discounted gift cards, their "validation" process, what seems to be "discount switching" and their lack of customer support still stands: I would recommend you take your business to another discount gift card company.


I'm sorry to hear you've had a bad experience, but we do not sell discounted retail or eGift Cards, so you could not have placed an order for Home Depot gift cards at 12% off from or We only sell retail and eGift Cards at face value.

If you would like someone to look into your case further, please contact our customer service supervisor, Leslie.

She is available during business hours at 1-86*-***-**** or support@***.com.

Thank you,


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