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Is it even legal to make customers sign away their rights to not be able to say if they had a negative experience with a product? You can only post positive results? And you own all rights to any positive stories? I understand needing positive feedback to use as a sales tactic, but you would sue me if I have a negative experience and share that? The bit about no returns also should raise eyebrows. If the product truly works it should be able to hold its own... Are you gonna sue me? I'm not even a customer. I went looking for more info after I read your terms of service.
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Dear PissedConsumer User:

Not everyone believes you should have the right to express yourself about the companies who take your hard-earned money for their products and services. Roca Labs certainly does not.

Please read on to learn about the legal campaign Roca Labs is undertaking to punish consumers who complain about its products.

Roca Labs is doing whatever it can to identify former customers and others who have posted their comments here so it can take legal action against them to prevent them from expressing themselves and informing other consumers about their experiences. PissedConsumer is fighting the actions of Roca Labs in the courts. Our attorneys have filed papers in two different states demonstrating that the law prohibits these actions by Roca Labs. But Roca Labs is not waiting for a ruling – it is suing customers to shut down their speech and, if possible, obtain “damages” to intimidate others from speaking.

Roca Labs seems likely continue to sue customers who speak out until a judge stops them.

We hope that happens soon, but it may take months to obtain a ruling. We cannot provide legal advice or representation to users, however. Therefore, you may wish to seek legal counsel if you have concerns about a review you have posted here.

Your lawyer may contact us via legal@***.com.

You should also review our takedown policy at to inform yourself as to what measures you can take to voluntarily request the removal of your own PissedConsumer review, if you wish to do so.

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I guess I see where Roca Labs is coming from. I guess they feel that if 5 people out of 500 would leave a bad review then it would make the next 5000 people inquiring about the product not want to consider it.

Referrals can be a powerful thing, it would be ashamed that what doesn't work for so few could affect the opinion of so many. I sing their praises because I have lost a ton of weight I couldn't lose before.

Every 10 pounds felt like 100. I am glad I didn't' read reviews before ordering!

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