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Defective Product Injured My Child - KidKraft refuses refund

This past Christmas I gave our son the KidKraft Uptown Elite Espresso Play Kitchen. Within a month of use I noticed that the doors were a bit difficult to open and shut because of how the hinges were placed and that parts of the wood veneer had begun chipping off at the bottom. Other than that, I did not notice anything that posed a serious risk. I felt our unit was cheaply made (and wasnt pleased about it) but did not believe it posed any risk and continued to let my son play with the kitchen under adult supervision. Not to mention my son loved playing with it. Fast forward to over a week ago. My son was playing with the kitchen microwave and went to open the refrigerator door. In the blink of an eye the entire door came off and whacked him in the face. I am still impressed with the reflexive skills I possessed that day because I was able to catch the door before it fell to the ground (and potentially on his foot). The door had come off both hinges simultaneously. If you have not looked at this unit, the refrigerator door is rather large and has an operational toy ice maker to it. My son had very minor injuries. Directly after the incident I noticed swelling on his face and a small cut near his mouth. Not to mention he was scared and crying. I immediately contacted KidKraft that night. I explained what had happened and asked for a replacement kitchen or a refund as I believed our play kitchen was defective. I stupidly figured that a company as reputable as KidKraft would want to remedy the situation and know about the safety hazard. Boy was a wrong. KidKraft was actually quick to respond to my request for a replacement or a refund. They were willing to offer us a replacement unit as a onetime courtesy. The catch, we would need to sign a release agreement that was exceptionally broad in nature and could be interpreted that we waived our rights to any future losses, damages, or defects to the replacement kitchen. Even worse, it had a clause that no one in my family would be able to make any written posts (online or other) or speak about the incident or the terms of the agreement we signed. This was the one part of the agreement that was oddly specific. Over the next week it was a lot of back and forth with me trying to get them to be less broad and to take out the disparaging clause. They made few concessions and of course continuously denied that we had received a defective unit. After a week of negotiations, I had lost all faith in KidKraft. I proposed that it would be in everyones best interests to offer me a refund and in exchange I would sign the latest agreement and destroy the defective unit. This proposal was denied and they renewed with that they were acting out of courtesy and that they did not owe me a refund. At no point did KidKraft ever inquire about how my child was doing or express sympathy. At every point, they made it clear that they were not liable and denied any wrongdoing or that our unit was (even potentially) defective. This brings me to now. I have lost all faith in the integrity of KidKraft the company and the products they make. Based on my interactions with them they seem more concerned with being badmouthed than with the safety of their products or maintaining satisfied customers. I will personally never buy one of their products again because I know that KidKraft Inc does not stand behind their products.

User's recommendation: Do Not Do Business with KidKraft.

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