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I posted an ad in the personals on craigslist seeking a female companion. Immediately some guy starts sending me in my opinion very serious racist hate mail. Screenshots attatched.
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Chicago, Illinois
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Dish Network - Account Review from Chicago, Illinois

Im literally at the end of my rope. October 3rd i bought a new phone and instantly realized i had been assigned a recycled number. I brgan receiving calls ftom dish network about my past due account of $872. 30 calls in 3 weeks. Ive explained and explained im not the woman theyre looking for. Im a guy. Dont know her. Its obvious theres an account tied to this phone number from before i had the number. They always take my info and assure me my number is removed from their system. Alwsys by the next day theyre calling again. I used the call filter in my android security app yo block their number. They started calling from a different number. Theyve called and awakened me srveral times. Given the frequency of their calling this constitutes harassment. Id like to se everyone worldwide begin calling all of dish networks numbers constantly nonstop for a month straight and see how they like it.
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Dear Sir,

Thank you for bringing to this our attention and I'd love to help you straighten it out if you could please email me your phone number at!


You got a recycled number, they legally have thirty days from the time it is first reported. So, calm down there killer, don't get your panties in a twist.


Well the jailhouse lawyer has spoken. Made a call to my state attorney general today.

Seems they agree with me plus its been over 30 days. In this state we have a law that says a verbal agreement is a legal and binding contract. Last night they guaranteed me i would receive no more calls. Today ring ring ring ring.

We also have another law here regarding recording calls and conversations. You can record them and at no time do you have to tell the other party.

Sooooooo you can hear dish loud and clear making the guarantee. Theyre really not untouchable.


It can take up to 30 days for the removal to take place.

@Satellite fan

From where did they dig up your sympathetic a.sss kissing self from. F.uck 30 days.

Ive never had a dish account do dont bring some g.oddamn welfare recipping w.hores $872 past due account to my f.ucking doorstep to begin with.

How about that? Hmmmmmmmm??????

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Chicago, Illinois
Dish Network Account
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Google - Game Download Review from Washington, District Of Columbia

Google - Game Download Review from Washington, District Of Columbia
Update by user Oct 22, 2014

In fairness even though i didnt receive any until after i literally beat my head against the wall calling calling calling and trying to prove my point $298 has been returned to my debit card. Like i said still $58 short of total amount of purchases but acceptable.

On that note it wasnt returned until AFTER posting here. Up to to time i posted here called card company more than once and no pending deposits were showing. However due to the first PUNK i spoke with the first time i called instantly taking the side of the app developer and trying to contact them first instead of sending the email with the reply link thrn finally emailing saying google play wasnt going take action this post will remain. To defend your employer if their in the right is admirable.

To defend your employer and try to help them avoid assuming any responsibility at all when they are indeed at least partially responsible makes you a pathetic *** kisser. Alot of customers are indeed scam artists and just trying to get some money refunded because they want to go shopping or whatever else. Theyre dishonest. But to always automatically assume that every one of us is that way is not a wise approach.

Also in all fairness most google play employees ive spoken with were very customer friendly. This is reflected in the all around 5 star ratings i gave them. But those two PUNKS!

i spoke with that first night got no rating. Not worthy of my time to even give them one star.

Original review posted by user Oct 22, 2014
In June i downloaded a tap4fun game from google play. To really progress in the game you must must make in app purchases.(pearls). Over the next month i purchased $351 dollars worth of said pearls and really got my game up and going. I set everything where i wanted it and didnt play for a few months. Last night i logged in and was amazed to find that the game developer had taken ownership of my game. I contacted google play support and the first person i spoke with agreed with me totally. Thats my game i spent $351 on it they cant just take it because i didnt play for awhile. She then transfers me to the drpartment that can refund my money. Right away the guy starts defending tap4fun. He says well maybe they have it in fine print that they can do that. I explain no were not playing that mess mister. Bottom line is i bought something and the seller took it back because i didnt use it for awhile. He then says to contact tap4fun support and give them a chance to explain and he would send me an email link i could use to keep him updated. I said ok. I contacted tap4fun(still no reply) and in the meantime im noticing the email with hasnt arrived. It usually only takes seconds. I contact google play support again and speak with a different rep. but he explains the other rep. is busy trying to contact tap4fun. At this point i start getting mad. Contact them for what to tell them theyre busted out and hurry up and delete those game profiles. After ending that call i finally get the email. I read it and my my no reply link. Just says were not refunding your money this issue is between you and tap4fun. Google play only had the game on our market were not responsible. Ok. I screenshotted one of the transactions from my online statement which ill attatch. It clearly shows google play tap4fun in that order. I decide im not taking it in the keester on this one. Not for $351. Yesterday i called back and spoke with a woman at google play and she said she was just looking over my issue and agrees that its unacceptable. She agrees to refund my money because when you buy something noone can just confiscate it because you havent used it for awhile. She totals it all up and gives a figurd of $298. I tell her shes about $60 shy because i have the bank statement to prove it but ok if you can get that close ill accept that. She says ok ive processed your refunds. Still havent received a penny on my debit card. Look at my google wallet account and it looks like rather than refunds she simply erased the transactions. At least thats the way it appears. Ok. Good luck erasing my bank statement. Of course it is google. I guess they could buy another crooked judge or two and accomplish that also. As far as the google rep. that stated maybe tap4fun has it in fine print that they can do that well so far noone has provided said fine print. Also idgaf! whats in fine print when i pay for something its by god mine! If the fine print thing works for them then you have to allow it for everyone. Hopefully i can obtain the funding to open a car dealership. Imagine the looks on my customers faces when after the pay their vehicle off i take it back and explain i can do that because its in fine print. Bottom line is google sponsors the developers apps on their market. Google refuses to assume any responsibility. The google rep. with the smirky punk attitude didnt even have cahonies enough to tell me on the phone they were bailing on me but instead said he send an email with a link so i can keep him updated but instead sends an email saying basically that theyre bailing on me. Liars cheats thieves. Thats the way i feel and thats what im posting.
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$351.00 for digital pearls? Obviously you have more money than you have brains.

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Washington, District Of Columbia