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Chick-fil-A 753 West Elk Avenue Elizabethton TN This establishment charges high prices so the local police can eat there for half price at your expense. They show favoritism towards the police only. No EMT discounts, no teacher discounts, not even a military...
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If anything, they should give people receiving SSI half priced meals. Because their incomes are only about a quarter of what most people's incomes are. And they should give free meals to the police officers and fire fighters and EMT's and teachers and military.

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Elizabethton, Tennessee
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Food is over priced so the police can eat there for 50% off every day, all day, except for Sundays
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Eastern Eight CDC - Johnson City, TN

There really needs to be a rating of ZERO because that is what they deserve. I realize others may have had a positive experience but not me. We have tried to go through this program twice and the employees always have different reasons why we don’t qualify. We get different answers from different employees. I personally know families who have made more money as well as families that make a lot less and they have qualified through this program and got assistance. This program uses YOUR tax dollars to provide a lower interest rate loan or help with closing costs or down payment for first time home buyers. I am a tax paying citizen as well as a veteran who fought for this great country and I guess I’m more disappointed than anything else. Eastern Eight reeks of discrimination. I have contacted my congressman, the fair & equal housing opportunity and a few other places. They have been an absolute complete waste of my time and energy. I urge people to seek assistance elsewhere.
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This “ JUSTINCARY” is the same fool who was complaining about police getting discounts at Chick Fil A and now they are complaining they can’t get some free housing repairs!!! GET A LIFE LOSER!!

Unreal, you are a veteran??? You might want to enact your GI bill and get a damn job so you can stop *** and whining about how you don’t get anything for free...GEEZE I AM LITERALLY EMBARRASSED FOR YOU! Cops get a discount so you have to pay inflated prices at Chick Fil A ( what is it, $6 for a sandwich fries and drink??) and now you want free house repairs???

I guarantee you that you get plenty of cigarettes, chips and soda! Use your TAXPAYER FUNDED free college and get a decent job!!!!


Instead of personally talking trash about me through this feed, how about we meet up in person and discuss it like adults. Name time a d place.


I know a guy that is framing these houses for these people and he smokes pot all day long he's prejudiced and a using piece of *** in my book and should not have a tool belt on I wonder if those people do drug screening his name is tracy rogers and he's framing houses for the small little community that just got funded a $423,000 grant to build those 8 houses I wonder if they will collapse because of the brain cell shortage just a concerned citizen

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Johnson City, Tennessee