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Kim Central Credit Union - Their incompetence cost me $30 and almost ruined a friendship

Here is the email I sent their management after receiving nothing but irrelevant excuses and blame for Kim Central's obvious incompetence in handling a simple request for account information. Of course, their answer was that they still don't value a customer enough to admit they were wrong and offer to pay the damages: President, Kim Central Credit Union: This note is to express my profound disappointment in the customer service I have received at the Appleton Kim Central location. On two separate occasions (10/3 & 10/4), I visited the branch to obtain an answer to a simple question regarding one of only 3 check amounts that have ever been deposited in our account# 8126****. My question was, "Was there cash back taken from that particular deposit?" because I was trying to clear up a discrepancy concerning payment received from a friend. The teller there both days, Jason, told me in no uncertain terms that there was no cash taken from that transaction and he even, at my request, wrote that assertion on a piece of paper and signed it. Because of his insistence that if cash was received from that transaction he would be able to see it as it "would show as a separate transaction," there was no cash involved, just a check deposit. My friend did not agree because the amount of the deposit was less than the amount of the check she recalled writing out. Because my husband John and I were leaving on a trip that weekend, she went to her bank in order to clear the matter up and was charged $30 for the photocopies of the checks she had written out to me. Whoever was wrong would have to pay the $30, but I wasn't concerned at the time because of the information Jason had given me. Her photocopies showed that she was correct about the original amount of the check so I then thought Kim Central had made an error in documenting the transaction. I visited Kim Central when I returned from our trip and spoke to another teller there, Matt, who quickly and easily brought up the deposit information from the check in question and informed me that my husband had received cash back that day. Jason apologized for not having known how to retrieve the information on the two occasions I had asked previously. I spoke to the manager of the Appleton location, Erica, about my feeling that Kim Central should make itself responsible to put forward the $30 that my friend now expects me to pay her, seeing as this whole situation developed due to the incompetence of Kim Central staff in providing me with the kind of information any reputable financial institution should be able to retrieve with little effort. Erica's reply was that, because my husband took cash back, and that because my friend should have been able to get her check information free from her bank, Kim Central will not provide this customer service to us. My contention is that those are merely side issues and the crux of the matter is that Kim Central was unable to provide me with the answer to a simple question regarding one of the few transactions we've made on this account. The previous high regard I had for Kim Central Credit Union has been severely damaged by this ridiculous situation where the customer is blamed for the financial institution's incompetence. I'm afraid, unless there is a better outcome to this situation in the near future, I'll be looking for another credit union where the management there "has my back," so to speak. Is our future association with you not even worth $30 to end this in a better light? Thank you for your consideration of my request. Deborah L. Collins
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