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Phoenix Family Medical Clinic - Phoenix DR. NJ Ortiz billing practice lies.

10/02/2014: On the web-site: As a no-insurance clinic you needn’t be on an insurance plan to receive the care you need. AHCCCS plans are accepted and walk-ins are always welcome at Phoenix Family Medical Clinic. Right. Needed blood test for thyroid only.- I have insurance and they ran every blood test known to man. And stick you with the bill from the lab. Did NOT Call insurance company to see what was covered. They screwed up so they resubmitted their Claim to get paid since Aetna turned them down first time. But I got stuck with Lab bill. Oh they said I didnt have to pay the $200 they charged me for screwing up to Doc office. Not told they were running all these blood test and getting a physical that Is Not covered by my plan. (Did not ask for these tests) AZ medical Board and Aetna and BBB is being notified about this shady practice. Sonora labs only does what Dr. Ortiz tells them. Brenda (billing depart) back-tracked from phone call on 9-15-2014 about they (DR Ortiz office) dropped the ball. (Her words) I will not sit back and let this slide. People need to know the truth. Lets take advantage of Aetna for tests not asked for or needed. All about the money. Im not done yet till they right the wrong on me. I only asked for Thyroid test only!! Run from this Doc. This is the truth. I have proof with calls to and from Brenda and Aetna. Boo Dr. NJ Ortiz, phoenix Family on 1108 Indian School Rd., Phoenix. DR. Ortiz smells of Smoke real bad. It was hard to sit there while he touched me. OMG. Why don't the billing office go take a visit and smell him yourself! Shady practice and back tracking on these phone calls. Lets do the right thing and right the wrong you did to me!!!
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Big Fat 0 on this place and billing practice!!!!! Phoenix Medical Clinic, Dr. Ortiz

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