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Alans Roofing - Roof repair

I had Alan's roofing co. to repair our roof. The workers were so sloppy and ruined our solar system, which I had to repair. The roof itself is still leaking and the leakage ruined the plywood on the roof. I certainly will advertise for your company in any way I can, because something like this, is outrageous in business. The first time the roofers came, they even allowed a 10 year young boy to be on the roof. Only one of the men spoke English, the others Spanish, which I don't understand. The whole procedure did cost me $ 2460.20
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That is incorrect Alan, you are accusing him of "libel" not slander, he has made an opinion and addressed it to your ficticious name which is the legal name you asked florida to be allowed to conduct business with other than your legal name and that IS the name you have registered with the florida department of corporations.

Anyways what he has done is expressed an opinion and an opinion is NOT a defamatory statement so you really couldn't expect to win a lawsuit (one word-it's not something that you wear and it's not a type of hotel/office room) That certainly doesn't preclude you from attempting to take civil action but remember that you would then quickly learn about another legal action called a sanction, specifically rule 11(b) and you would in all likelyhood be required to pay treble(three times) damages for any and all expenses paid by the defendant and his council, but hey if you want to be an *** remember that you buying your defandant's attourney a brand new corvette out of your own pocket is not entirely out of the question.


Anonymous - you are incorrect . If a statement is derived and targeted at more than the business it is directed towards this is slander.

If you or your client does not specifically name the business & location it is complaining about compensatory / punitive damages will be pursued. Your general category without location encompasses more than one company which can be misconceived by the public. I have enclosed a Florida document for your reading.

Compensatory damages are the most common type of reward given to the injured party and are designed to recover what the plaintiff has lost as a result of the injury. Plaintiffs are awarded these damages to help them return to emotional and financial state they were in prior to the injury.

Common compensatory damages awarded are:

• Lost wages

• Medical expenses

• Property damage

• Mental distress • Loss of Consortium • Emotional distress Punitive damages, on the other hand, occur less often than compensatory damages. They are awarded if the presiding judge believes the defendant’s negligent act merits punishment. Punitive damages are intended to discourage the guilty party from committing the same act in the future. Common punitive damages awarded are: • Court reporter fees • Costs of exhibits • Reproduction fee • Fees charged by legal experts • Miscellaneous expenses Please remember that your derogatory childish imitation statements above will be filed as evidence & only show the courts of your demeanor.

My lawyers are ready as well.

We only ask you to comment on the business intended not a general category of other similar named business. A copy of this letter and others will be saved.


Your spelling of "attourney" is incorrect it's spelled Attorney, 2nd line from bottom




PLEASE BE ADVISED !!! To avoid a legal law suite for slander of companies not affiliated with this one - YOU MUST POST AREA IT PERTAINS TO --- example; Alan's Roofing - Roof Repair - Spring Hill Florida

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