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Working on a class action suit against Roblox

Roblox #1991046
Sounds good to me I am in. One main thing for me is my kids play ROBLOX which is many thousands of games these kids ask us the parents to purchase Roblox money to purchase gear and stuff but some bully comes along says hay lets trade and their goes my money my kids just traded what they purchased not fully knowing what this means, I gave my 6 year old 20.00 to purchase stuff she wanted then she sold that stuff thinking she will still have it however it is forever gone this should be illegal I lost a lot of money doing this for 2 kids and just now realized when I asked my kid what happened to the stuff I gave you money for. This is horrible especially with kids thinking they now did something wrong they become suicidedal these people should be ashamed of them selves and should be held accountable.
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Erik D Kei
Hello I wanted to inform you that we now have a firm that will take action against Roblox in a class action suit so that Roblox pays for the hurt financially and mentally they have caused many of us and our kids deserve a platform that caters to children if that is how they advertise themselves not bullying them. I will leave you the attorneys contact information and hope that you will contact them and tell them what happened in your case. Thank you very much for helping out and being a great parent. Sincerely, Erik Lee Demchesen. Torin A. Dorros DORROS LAW 8730 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 350 Beverly Hills, California 90211 Phone: 310-997-**** Direct: 310-997-**** Fax: 310-496-**** E-Mail:tdorros@***.com LinkedIn: TorinDorros Twitter: tadorros Web: