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Accuquest - Unscrupulous and misleading sales tactics, company does not stand behind it's product, takes advantage of elderly

I purchased model Source 55 for my elderly mother who had just suffered a stroke from Atlanta based Accu Quest and the product had issues from day one. Her former hearing aids were lost during her hospital stay. The doctor and attendant stated that this was the latest technology with all the bells and whistles but that several adjustments would have to be made over time. I live in Boston, and my mother lives in a senior centre in Atlanta. My mother attempted to make several appointments to the center, she was successful on a few and unsuccessful on many. On one occasion the doctor fumbled with the hearing devices and attempted to send my mother on her way explaining to her that the units were in order. My mother and nephew complained to the receptionist who took the devices and did further twists and bends (nothing technical) and the items worked perfectly. This was eight months after having the device and my mother told the receptionist that this was her first time actually not having to embarrassingly ask someone to repeat themselves. Unfortunately, this was short-lived and the devices went back to functioning per usual a few days later. My mother is retired with a healthcare background and although the units were subpar, she takes meticulous care of the devices, proper cleaning and weekly battery changes (which I find somewhat disturbing given that they are supposed to be the latest and greatest technology at the time of sale 15 months ago. After several attempts to make an appointment with Accu Quest, I finally decided to drive down to Atlanta from Boston and perform a walk-in. I explained to the receptionist that my mother had been attempting to make appointments and that most of the time she only received recorded messages and that phone calls would go unreturned. I also explained that my nieces and nephews when attempting on her behalf also experienced the same. I also note that during my visit to the office the receptionist was in the midst of strong arm selling another elderly couple as the phone rang without anyone attending to it. The office itself looked at though it was closed from the parking lot which prompted me to have my family wait in the car until I found out for certain. I also wanted to speak to someone outside the earshot of my mother. After I got my point across of basically informing the receptionist that we had either been sold a set of defective units that haven't worked for more than a week optimally; she pulled the file and stated that sorry the units are now 3 months out of warranty. I responded that's impossible because we were told that the unit had a 3 year warranty and free life time adjustments. The receptionist stated that is normally the case but it looks as though the person that purchased these agreed to a 1 year warranty. I responded that I was the individual that purchased the units and never agreed to anything of the sort. She said that she couldn't explain because she had only been at the facility for the past few months and that my only recourse was to contact the manufacturer. She then went on to say that the units that we had were old and outdated and not considered to be top range. I said that we were told by the doctor and the receptionist that they were the best technology available on the day of purchase. She then replied that, no there are much better technology and not what we sell as our top or mid of the line. She then said that there was nothing she could do but that I should get in touch with the regional representative.
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