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Bristol Manor - Poor working conditions

I worked as an administrator for Bristol Care for over a year. If you are considering an offer of employment from them, I highly recommend you read the contract thoroughly, research the company, and talk to the residents and staff (privately) about their care, and what they think of Home Office. Joyce Furnell is a snake in the grass, and is only out for herself and how much money she can make. I was terminated without cause, and JF did nothing but lie about me to prospective employers, the residents and families I had grown so fond of, and the unemployment agency. I had to fight for a long time for unemployment benefits. JF herself told me, shortly after firing me, that my residents loved me and had nothing but good things to say about me during their so called "investigation." The facility I ran was the "cleanest (director of quality Assurance) has seen." Yet, I was fired. They claimed it was because of safety and security of the facility, because I had my family come and visit me at the facility. As the administrator, I had very limited opportunity to go and visit them, so having them come to me was the only way I could see my family. I believe I was fired because I was going head to head with home office, advocating for the residents, trying to get them an updated facility, and trying to get them to change some of their policies so that I could get more staff hours so that I could get all the required work done. The way it is set up now, there is no way to get all the required cleaning, dressing, bathing, cooking, marketing, errands, shopping, and office work all done. Not if you want it done correctly. Administrators are in charge of the day to day operations of the facility, but corporate doesn't give them the necessary resources or support they need. I spent almost half of my check each month buying things the facility needed after the monthly budgets were spent. I wouldn't let my residents, or facility, go without so I paid for it myself. I worked myself almost to death for this company, only to be humiliated and lied about from the corporate bullies. When my first granddaughter was born I couldn't go to be with my daughter because my staff called in sick. My supervisor told me it was not her job to get someone in there to look after the building so that I could go, and corporate wouldn't help find someone, nor did they care. And yet I stayed with the company, still pouring all of myself into it. Because that is what my residents deserved. Joyce Furnell, senior vice president, does NOT care about the employees or the residents in her facilities. The only thing she cares for is money. 3 months before being let go I started looking for other employment opportunities. I had enough of JF's accusations and bullying. A few weeks after I had been actively searching for work, I saw that My job in My facility was being advertised. I even had people come in to apply and interview with me about My position. I called director of QA and asked if I was going to lose my job, and I was assured that was not the case. Yet, 6 weeks later they let me go. I assume they were waiting for an excuse that would make them look good for letting such a valuable employee go. I was denied unemployment because JF lied about the reason she gave me for being fired. I fought it, filed the appeal, and got my hearing. JF lied about me several times during the 2 day hearing, without any tangible evidence to back up her accusations. However, my OCD was put to good use by my meticulous record keeping skills, and they found in my favor. That is the only victory I have had with this company thus far. I was told by my supervisor, after I had cleaned out my living quarters, that I would get my deposit back that I had made on the room upon being hired. After 4 months I still have not received that check. After calling corporate I learned that Joyce denied the return of my deposit. No one in that office knows why she denied it, and she has not yet answered my phone calls or emails to explain herself. I was also told by my supervisor that the $140 worth of food and cleaning/household products I bought 2 days before my termination would be refunded to me. I have not received that check either. For such a large, profitable company, I don't know why they have such a hard time paying back my $640. I will never again work for a company that I don't thoroughly research first. In my opinion, and personal experience, Bristol Care, Inc is a horrible company to work for. They treat their employees like slaves, they keep their administrator trapped in the house with very limited opportunity for getting away, and they drag their feet on making necessary repairs to their facilities. If you are offered a position with Bristol Care, I highly recommend you turn around and RUN!

User's recommendation: Do Not use this company.

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