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Trope and Trope LLP - Deceived and swindled by my divorce attorney Sorrell Trope

I have to tell the world about my experience, as a "CLIENT," of this awful company and the awful people that run it, namely Sorrell Trope, it's managing partner. Starting from the beginning, I had a legitimate issue with my ex-husband. I went to Sorrell Trope because I had read online that he was the best and had worked on high profile, high dollar divorce cases. Right from the beginning Sorrell Trope and his team at Trope and Trope exuded confidence. They put together a highly aggressive, highly expensive add a highly effective plan to get me sole custody of my kids and put me in the best possible position at the end of my divorce. Everything started out just as planned. For an exorbitant amount of money they won me sole custody of my kids then they induced me to turn down a reasonable settlement after reasonable settled. They always promised that I would get more if we went to court and fight it all the way to the end. Foolishly, I took device. We had wealthy family and that's why Sorrell Trope and Trope and Trope took on my case. The problem started after I really started paying attention to the bills they were charging me. These were seven-figure bills that kept going up and up. Sorrell Trope kept telling me that I didn't have to worry about it because we would get enough money from my ex-husband to cover it. I believe Him, foolishly I now see. After our multimillion dollar divorce I had won, but I really lost huge. You see, Sorrell Trope never wanted to settle with my ex-husband and he kept telling me that because of our situation he could get everything from my ex. And he was right. The problem is, as soon as Sorrell Trope was done taking everything away from my ex-husband he turned his sights on me. He hit me with a bill after bill after bill. At one time I called him and told him this was ridiculous. My ex and I had a $10 million net worth going into the divorce and spent over half of that on Sorrell Trope's services. But that wasn't enough, he hit me with another seven-figure bill and even threatened to "do to me what he did to my husband" if I didn't quickly pay up. Looking back, despite my situation with my ex-husband, there were several times I could've gotten out of this divorce for much much less to sorrel trope and much more to me. When you sign up Sorrell Trope and the law firm Trope and Trope you're not signing on as their client you're signing on as their victim. These people do not have your best interest in mind. They have their best interest in mind and you're the vehicle for them to extract as much money from your family as possible. If you're thinking of getting a divorce, no matter what your situation, get a good attorney that's going to fight for your interest not the interest of them or their law firm. These are very dangerous people to work with, I caution you with a whole heart to stay away.
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It's so funny you sound so angry yet at no time does it come to mind that you could have got a substitution of attorney. Yet, you stayed with trope and trope because aside from all your bitterness about money.

Failing to look at the big picture! You got sole custody first off one of the hardest things to accomplish in any divorce case! Now, second you got everything that you wanted and your husband lost and you won! So if you stopped and looked at the big picture that you were fortunate to be able to afford such a high powered attorney, you would see how *** you sound!

I wish I had the money for my divorce to get an attorney that did exactly what he said he would and won the case! Stop being so typical because at the end of the day you said you got sole custody and half of ten million! While your husband got 0! You just sound like a spoiled *** with no gratitude for the fact is at the end of the day you got what you wanted and 5 million $!!

What a ungrateful person who has no class read what you wrote again and realize that you brush over the fact that you got sole custody and the whole rant sounds like a bitter typical women in LA just out to cut off there ex husbands balls and take there ***!!! You probably didn't deserve such a good lawyer! I bet if you had gotten some less costly attorney you would have definitely gotten different results!

WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!! Am I wrong or is this *** a spoiled brat!!!;)


I agree Ron Rale completely stole from me. I dislike Ron Rale & Sorrel Trope more than my XHusband!


You are foolish to make the remarks you've made in a public forum because they border on defamation.

Saying that an attorney doesn't keep his clients' interests foremost in his mind is on par with saying that a doctor deliberately tries to kill patients.

For what it's worth, good lawyers can be VERY expensive. It's not unheard of for an attorney to bill a client for speaking on the phone for less than 5 minutes, and the bill in such a case can be close to $100.


Your attorney was featured on a documentary called "Divorce Corp" on Netflix in 2015.

I was born into great wealth 1978.

In the early 1980's, 5 relatives, all female, hired teams of attorney's; over a protracted inheritance dispute when my Great Grandfather died.

Their greedy, bitter, short sighted, emotional decision cost us our entire families birthright - a 44 million dollar inheritance.

The blood sucking attorney's got everything.

Today, 2 generations later, we have no security. I'm forced to work everyday to survive.

I rent an apartment in Long Beach, CA, from my Landlord master, Frank Suryan Jr.

I cannot afford a home or qualify for a mortgage in CA. I have no health insurance. Every day I think about 3 things: Money, money, and money.

Money is a constant worry. Every. Single. Day.

8 million dollars properly managed, is a lifetime of freedom and security. You're a very foolish women.

I feel sorry for you. Honestly.

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