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i feel i must apologize to you personally for the comments that i made regarding you family. i was very frustrated with the problems that occurred in my kitchen but should have never attacked your family i truly do regret the words that i used and should have worked harder to resolve issues that i had in other ways. i have tried to retract my statements made previously but have been unable to do so because of the web sites policy. i am hoping that this apology will help people understand that this situation should have never occurred and that i have learned how personal attacks against others in a public setting can be very hurtful. i wish you and your family well and ask for you forgiveness with the way i handled this very difficult situation. with regard to the work performed i acknowlege that i sent a thank you note and commended your work and the final result. placing a complaint on the internet which can never be retracted was irresponsible inaccurate and a result of a personality clash and not work or product. your company and the individuals failry dealt with me to resolved all of my issues and i was angry when i posted the statements. VM Waardenburg
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