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The Law Offices of Wayne P Kristall - This Attorney Lied To Police And Threatened Doctor.

The Law Offices of Wayne P Kristall - This Attorney Lied To Police And Threatened Doctor.
The Law Offices of Wayne P Kristall - This Attorney Lied To Police And Threatened Doctor.
Wayne Kristall OK, I'll keep this page very short and to the point. Attorney Wayne Kristall is a dishonest attorney that will lie to win a case or situation. He has no moral center. The Law Offices of Wayne P. Kristall is located in Southfield Mi and if your needs are for an attorney that will ignore court orders, aggravate witnesses, or flat lie in open court then Mr Kristill is the lawyer for you. THE SITUATION On 8/29/2011 I was supposed to pick up my son from his school as part of my court ordered, every other weekend parenting time. As I have always done, I was simply to pick him up and leave. This sounds pretty simple, right? WHAT HAPPENED I arrived at the school with certified copies of all of my documents. (This was explained in another page) The school social worker, Angela Gardner-Street, was insistent that I was not to have my son. I called the police and three officers arrived. The officers spent 30 minutes reading over my documents and hearing our story. (My ex arrived because Angela Gardner Street called her). The officers were unsure of how to proceed and spoke with the schools' legal department. I got my attorney on the phone who spoke with the officers and assured them that the documents that I had were not only proper but that I'd gotten them certified by the county clerk. WAYNE'S LIE Wayne Kristall told the officers that I did not have my "Pick Up Order" and that without it, I was not supposed to pick up my son. This was a blatant lie. There is no such thing as a pick up order in our case, there never has been and there will never be one because our order clearly states the "father is to pick up the child..." Wayne Krystall later defended his actions to the AGC as defending his clients best interest. In court, he defended the lie as "we had reason to believe that if he had gotten the child, that he had plans to enroll him into the Canton public schools". So Wayne Kristall lied to the police and assisted his client in denying court ordered parenting time. This is NOT the behavior of a good attorney. WOW!! WOW!! WOW!!!!!! Today (5/23/2010) we received letters from DMC Legal department and my sons asthma specialist stating that they will no longer treat my son due completely to the actions of Mr Kristill who cam into their offices, unannounced, and demanded to see the treating physician. When the staff informed Mr Kristall that the DMC specialist was unavailable, he treatened office staff with termination as well as leaving a threat for the doctor herself. How is that for a show of ethics and quality. Wayne kristall - BUSTED There is Justice in the "Halls Of". In April of 2014, while on the stand, the principal of the school took the stand and let the truth fly. She apologized to me for their treatment. When the Judge asked for clarification and inquired as to why she had not relied on the advise of the Detroit Public School legal department, Principal Harris said that she had. Our judge asked why she had not followed their advise, and was told that Mr. Kristall had informed her that I did not have my pick-up order. Our Judge knew that this was completely improper and immediately asked Mr. Kristall for clarification. Mr. Kristall admitted that he had not ever requested a pick-up order in any case in his 30 years of practiced. When asked if he knew of any case where a pick-up order was even requested, Mr. Kristall responded "no". He is so busted and now shown to be the unethical lying attorney that I've known and complained about all along. What is amusing to me is that at every turn, Wayne accused me of having a "Win at all cost" mentality and accusing me of being willing to "Do Anything" to win custody. Well Wayne was partially right. I was willing to do anything ethical and legal. Too bad that he can not say the same. Wayne used his status as an attorney to bully me. He used his title to "Show Me" where the power really is. I don't understand why he would fight the battle of his client when it was obvious that she was not following the order.
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I'm sorry for my previous post. It was siri that provided the misspellings.

1st: "THESE WEBSITES FOR REWIEW ARE FOR CLIENTS..." Wrong! This forum is for complaining, legitimately, about business or people so as to allow others to make an informed decision before choosing a service provider. It is here to serve the public.

2nd: "For whatever reason you didn't get your way and she did" Ommm, NO. This was not about getting my way.

This was about getting and maintaining a solid quality of life for my son. Incidentally, lets just say that you are wrong. Completely wrong. My son is now in a stable environment and has never been healthier or happier.

So again, you are Wrong!

3rd: "I had to rummage through" Yehhhh, I did not even try to disguise myself or make it seem like this was about more than one case. Before I was asked by the court to make certain alterations out of consideration for my son, there were names posted and links to all.

4th: My ATTORNEY???? Wow. Ummm, my attorney was Nicole Childers and I STRONGLY recommend her to anyone looking serious and seriously professional litigator.

She is not an ambulance chasing bottom feeder. She writes excellent well written briefs supported with case law and other references. She was prepared with documents to support everything that she claimed in court or she did not mention it. You know, that whole ethical image thing.

Perhaps you don't know. Her invoices were always itemized and very clearly organized.

5th: I don't have a life, You have a life? Juvenile. Extremely juvenile.

Perhaps you should see my entire case at thistownneeds an enema com to see what I really went through. It was a trifecta of ignorant and biased unprofessional people in Wayne County. A *** judge that was removed from the bench, a mediator that lied on the stand (that day of reckoning coming very soon though she is now retired) and lastly, Mr Wayne Kristall. I do have a life.

It is a wonderful life. 4 children, a beautiful wife that loves me, a beautiful home and in a wonderful community. I have a GREAT life, what I don't have yet is justice. 6th: Our new Judge took very seriously, Wayne Kristalls actions in lying to the school staff and police to assist his client.

So much so that he denied (with prejudice) Mr Kristall's motion that I pay his clients' $30,000 legal bill. So, if you want him as your attorney, PLEASE, by all means, do hire him. It is not my goal to stop people from hiring him, but simply to help YOU make an informed decision. 7th: You can't comment on all of my stuff because I own some of the sites, as I'm sure that Mr Kristall has informed you.

Lastly: WAYNE, make no mistake about it, this is no grudge. I am pissed off. Your personal actions, lies, tactics prolonged my sons presence in a substandard school district, a violent household and substandard medical care. Again, he is now very healthy.

You might want to know that even on the schedule that exists now, my son has been present for three fights and violent acts in the home of his mother. This is the total since June 2014. That's a lot on only 6 days a month. Don't you think?

So, it if it is your goal to inform people, then they might want to know this truth. If it is your goal to try to discredit me, go right ahead, these documents and facts are all posted in my various sites. At this point, you have to know that I'm laughing my *** off. Why would you take so much time out of your busy life to defend an attorney that you obviously not hired?????

And with all of the other comments on all of the other attorneys, why did you choose this one to defend?? Your response to this should pretty good.


What is wrong with people do they not know that God can See everything.....


I'm not sure that I understand your response.


I have been looking for a good, experienced attorney for a couple weeks now to take on my very serious and critical case. I saw Wayne Kristal as the most fit for my complex case but I kept seeing all these bad reviews and I started to get extremely nervous and second guess choosing him as my attorney.

So I am currently searching through all reviews I could find on him and after ruling out all the bs that you put on all these websites it looks like you are angry because you did not get your way in court and your ex-wife did in fact get her way or you wouldn't be bad mouthing a professional person you were not a client to. For whatever reason you didn't get your way and she did I really don't care but know that, it was probable a good reason and not that this attorney is a fraud or whatever your trying to say about him. I can not believe that you would take the time to go to at least 10 websites that I've counted so far to bash this attorney. Do you not have a life?


I don't appreciate having to read all the garbage when you did not pay for this attorney. However, I would be interested to read what your ex-wife would review about this attorney! I'm just very annoyed that I had to rummage through all this garbage talk on all these different sites to come to the conclusion that it is the same person in every review that didn't pay for this attorney and is angry and holding a grudge because your own attorney that you paid for or maybe you didn't pay for, either way obviously didn't do there job and win your case for you. I do have a life so I'm not going to rewrite this again and again for all you reviews on all these different sites but I will paste my comment on all the reviews I come across of you if I can do so anonymously cause I don't have time to crate logins/usernames so people can see that its the same person but you rewrote your story 100x.

Maybe this comment will save them some time when looking for a attorney cause your reviews wasted a lot of my time. Maybe next time you can tell me about the experience you had with you own attorney not a attorney you have a grudge against cause he was on the other side of your case.


I think that you're comment are extremely humorous in nature. This form is not as you said, for people who hired him hasn't attorney in where do satisfy with him.

I had a legitimate encounter with Wayne crystal and I got to observe his practices up close and personally. Now you state that I am a disgruntled angry person who did not get what he wanted because my attorney did not do her job. I will say that you unlike me speak without knowing what it is you're talking about. I have full physical and legal custody of my son after this ordeal.

So yes it would be interesting interesting to hear what my ex wife has to say about the representation of one crystal. You might also want to know that Mr crystal was found by our judge, to have actively interfered with our case and the way that it was supposed to proceed. This finding was done on the record in our last days of trial. This is a matter of public record you can look this up yourself rather than bashing me and protecting when crystal without even knowing what the *** it is you're talking about.

Again I've attached documents from the Detroit Medical Center's legal department explaining their own interactions with wing crystal. So to keep the record straight for all of those people that you are attempting to confuse by berating me I invite you all to look up my case and review it for yourself. I also invite you to read the documents that are attached, they speak for themselves. Then I invite you to ask yourselves why I would take so much of my time informing people of an attorney that I've been to be extremely unprofessional and harmful.

The reason is because he practices family law and I don't take lightly things of this nature that can affect the lives of so many children. I am very active and fathers rights and fathers rights groups. I do not think that an attorney should play games when it comes to children's lives and divorces. I would not have taken when crystals representation of my ex wife and a personal manner until he made it personal by lying to the police to help her violate our court order.

Not if you accept that last sentence then you'll understand why I think he's not a good attorney. So before you bash me and my very well thought out and represented explanation of my experience with Mr crystal please do some homework, then real homework spend some of your own money and have a real experience with Mr krystal instead of bashing my experience. And as for my ex wife anyone is more than welcome to have a five minute conversation with her.

If you deem her to be anyone that you think is capable of providing you with a competent non biased opinion of mr. Krystal then by all means take her word for it.


Actually, I don't live in Detroit. I live 5 cities away but in the same county. Circuit court jurisdiction.


you live in detroit, what the *** do you expect?

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Burger King - Just old fashion slow with a rude manager.

Store# 1312 Order # 96 Where do I start? Well, We walked into the restaurant at 6:02PM. There was no one in line but there was one person waiting for her food. We placed our order, got cups. My wife took our daughter to the restroom which she described as deplorable. No for ice. I requested that someone bring ice. While we waited for ice there was a young man at the counter. A manager approached from behind the counter, while talking on the phone. The young man asked her if she was the manager. She said yes. He asked if he could have an application. She asked him how old he was. He responded "I'm 15 but I ave a work permit". She responded "We don't give out applications. You gotta go on line but you don't wanna work. The young man responded, "yes I do". This manager continued to belittle him saying that he would probably get the job and call off all the time to go to the park or something. She remained on the phone while disappearing into the office where she remained for the next 8 minutes or so. Someone came out with med lids. Eventually, I gave up on the ice and placed our cups on the counter for fill. We waited ....and waited.....and waited and finally at 6:23pm (After inquiring as to the reason for the delay) we are handed our food. 20 minutes after walking in and 15 minutes after placing our order, we received our food. I want you to know that your staff was very polite but there was a severe lack of coordination, leadership and good old fashion hustle. They moved very slow and didn't seem to care about the crowd that had built at the counter.
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