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Comprehensive Medical Center - MRO commenting on test, saying diluted when it was not diluted.

I drug tested for the courts at comprehensive medical in sac ca. Test came back negative.Linda emailed me my results and she put diluted in her heading at the top. My test itself did not say diluted. I have had several email conversations with linda and susan the owner. I asked linda if my test where considered diluted then why does it not say that on my test results itself. She said that the lab would have to put that on there and they only put it on there if the creatine is below 20mg and the specific gravity is below 1.003. The problem is my specific gravity wasn't below 1.003. I also contacted lab and they had told me that if a test were considered diluted that it would say on the test. The staff at comprehensive had wrote to the judge saying my test is diluted. I have lost custody of my children and have been drug testing all summer. Something needs to be done.
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When was this new scam allowed in our courts??? Really?

DILUTED? This is how they make there money they send innocent people to counseling for weeks at 30.00 a pop. Some people need it if they show drugs in your system...but to say diluted this is the biggest scam I've ever encountered. Does anyone know who I can call to find out an answer to this Bull.

I feel sorry for these kids that are taken then drown in the system, they are ruthless parasites that care only about a paycheck. Russia would be a better place to live!


These tests are a scam to make money...The DCF make money when kids are adopted out. These parasites are using this to make money.

They say diluted with all of this modern technology that can't tell what's in your urine...Something seriously needs to be done about this. It is unjust...Let's give the entire court system of judges urine tests...Guaranteed they are diluted.

It's like water is against the law to drink...It's considered positive??? What the *** issuing on??


Crackbuster?? Lmfao!! Let me guess you work for this facility


Maybe you should examine WHY you are required to do drug screens.


How about im asking the same question. Never been in trouble in my life and drug tested in 2009 and passed all my test and here i am again testing again just because dad doesnt want to pay child support.

Really how many times do i have to pass a drug test and prove myself. The system is ***


Thanks did that already and never been in trouble for anything in my life but let me know if u could help me figure it out cause i sure would like to know myself

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