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Walmart - Bayonne nj store not following social distancing or proper use if masks

The store is dirty! Your employees are wearing masks improperly! Some of them are not wearing it at all! The store doesnt coming how many, people come into the store! Customers are walking in without masks, and nothing is said to them! There are no wipes to clean the carts! Do something about it!
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You should be happy there are some store even open. If you don't like the store shop elsewhere.


Where else would that be? When you live in rural areas, SHOPPING ELSEWHERE is easier said than done.

The truth is, it should be against the law to not provide the sanitizing wipes in stores during this pandemic. Walmart is really failing their customers during this crucial time. I am angrier each time I put myself at risk going to their store, and the same shelves are empty.

We need to just stay home and not give Walmart anymore business. I know people are getting tired of staying home, but I have found that having Directv and Percocet makes it much, much easier.


Who are you to tell someone when they should be happy? If the stores that are open aren't providing what customers need, what is there to be happy about.

I will be happy when I can buy Clorox and Lysol wipes, the first of the month people must be hoarding everything. Please raise prices enough to keep the first of the month customers from affording the scarce items. Trust me, they never cared about cleanliness before this pandemic. Do I think I am better than them?

No. Do I think I smell better than them? Absolutely!!! If supplies are limited, please raise prices.

All I want is to be able to buy the amount of these items that I normally would. I have plenty of money so I don't care if prices are high. Stores are allowing the first of the month people to buy as much as they want. I have always wished that their could be separate stores for poor people, that way the rest of us could avoid the overcrowding at the first of the month.

And lets face it, the majority of them smell bad so let them have their own store. Who else agrees?

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