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Thumbtack - Not a scam but I would not say it is a good thing to use

First I want to say I don’t think Thumbtack is a scam but if you are trying to promote your business I would say it is not worth going through thumbtack to do it. I moved back to my hometown so I wanted to find an easy way to get my name back out there. I am a mobile DJ and have been so for over 20 years. I went through all of things thumbtack wanted me to do to promote my business (videos, pictures, past clients posted reviews for me) . So once I got my page in order I purchased close to $110.00 worth of credit over the past two months. Not saying all the leads were false but I think the majority of them were. I did some testing. I lowered my price from 400.00 to as low as 175 for a whole party and only got two responses. My opinion is thumbtack is legit but the people who use thumbtack are either spamers or people looking to get quality work for nothing. I basically wasted $110. Over a two month period is not that bad but it is still money wasted. Here is what I would do guys (which I plan on sticking to). When I started back DJing, I got my own website through Vistaprint. It only cost me 16 or 17 dollars a month. Make sure you put things on your website that promotes your business to the fullest. If you want (which is what I did for three months), you can pay extra money to get your website put closer to the front page of any search engine. The more people check out your site the higher ranking it will get of course:). I began to average two parties a month when I did that which easily paid for my website. I could have done more but this is a hobby more for me with a fulltime job and family. With having your own website you will get more customers that are legit and you don’t have to pay to put a bid in. They already know what you charge so if it is too much for them they can go to the next DJ. I am sure with thumbtack, you also have DJs who just want to do a party and may not have top of the line equipment that will underbid you like crazy. I have turned my website back on and I plan on going that route. Hope this was not too long but I wanted to give you my honest opinion.
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Wait, you get fake leads, and you say they're not a scam? Come on.


Well thumbtack can't prevent people from putting in fake leads. How can you really monitor that.

Actually after I posted my message I got a few gigs from thumbtack. I still say do your own website but try to screen the leads yourself

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