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Crittenton Hospital Medical Center - My experience as a psychicatric Patient in the E.R.

I was a patient in the ER on 2 Jun 2014. I spoke to my doctor, Dr. Yuzon, incoherently over the phone within 30 minutes after my arrival. He asked me if I wanted to be admitted into the psychiatric unit? I said, yes, because I was having a severe psychotic attack due to mania and depression. It took over 16 hours for me to be admitted due to unavailability of a social worker to assess me. I arrived at the hospital at 5 p.m. A social worker should have been available to assess me during that time. In the meantime, I received no medication for my bipolar/schoaffective disorder, restless legs, etc. I have a current list of all medications I take on my person at all times. Within one hour before I was admitted into the psychiatric unit, I did receive an I.V. which I needed due to dehydration. To complicate things, I have an ileostomy, which especially due to stress, I can become severely dehydrated. I should have had an I.V. immediately. I did not receive anything to eat, as well, until about one hour before I was admitted. The thing that burns me up the most, during all that time I was in the E.R., not once did I ever see the attending ER doctor, Dr Dree Daugherty, M.D. although I did ask to see her. I did get some blood work and a urine analysis possibly ordered by her. I did not receive any results of the tests, although I asked, until 36 hours later. I know it does not take 36 hours to get results of CBCs and urine analysis. In addition, I should have been able to see an ostomy womb care nurse before I was admitted into 6 West to insure that my ileostomy was functioning OK. If there was not one available, DR. Daugherty should have at least examined me due my ileostomy and insured that I received my proper medications. She did nothing to help me at all. The biggest complaint I have most of all, is because I was going to be admitted as a psychiatric patient, most E.R. doctors and staff ignore you. This has happened to me more than once not only at this hospital but other hospitals as well! We need the same care and respect as all other patients with medical issues who are in the E.R. Please realize that people with psychiatric issues are often complicated with other medical issues, like myself, and it is the doctor's responsibility over all to insure that people with primary psychiatric issues, at the time when they arrive into the E.R,. are properly and promptly physically and medically examined, including all medical testing, before we are formally admitted to a psychiatric unit for further treatment.
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Yes, they should stop taking care of people with life threatening injuries to take care of you.

Just curious, do all the workers roll their eyes every time you walk in the door?

@Greenley Amt

I suppose you are one of the staff in the E.R. You have no idea of my medical history and what it is like to have complicated and chronic medical issues.

If I have a psychiatric issue, it is just as important as any other issue. During that visit, I was not functioning normally. Furthermore, I should have seen a doctor during those 16 hours. Much more, I should have been admitted quickly.

I do not go to the E.R. unless I have been medically advised to do so. I have better things to do other than being in an E.R.

And, I will reiterate my point that people with psychiatric issues are just as important as any other patients and should be given the same respect and treatment.


"immediately. I did not receive anything to eat, as well, until about one hour before I was admitted."

Your restless legs should have carried you to a McDonald's instead of the ER.

@Greenley Amt

You are crazier than I am. You do not leave the E.R.

unless you are medically cleared. Dumb staff Rabbit!

@Greenley Amt

What a *** thing to say. Clearly your an ER your job, no matter who walks in the door. Also, those dividing curtains are NOT soundproof, and can be recorded through rather easily.

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