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Aspen Dental (Fort Wayne, IN) is a waste of time! & money!

Aspen Dental #831821
I have used the services at the Aspen Dental location off Parnell Ave. in the Fort one time and it was a favorable one. This was on a Saturday...early A.M. I awoke and a tooth had abscessed and the pain was getting worse. My local dentist is not open on Saturdays...I called and he said he could see me on Monday. I called Aspen by 10:30 am and they said they were open until noon.
I arrived at 11:40 am, they got me in quickly, did X-rays, diagnosed the issue/tooth and drilled through the ceramic crown w/o cracking it. They did warn me it may crack and need replaced but I understood the situation - didn't care It needed the abscess removed. In no time it seemed they had extracted the problem, filled the 'well' which I can still see in future x-rays my home dentist had taken and I was able to attend a function my wife and I had planned on doing for a couple of weeks before. I was very happy w/ their service, ability, and billing. My insurance paid a portion (60%) but they were out of network. Overall it depends on the dentist you matter what office you go to. I know Aspen has more overhead than most small-town independent dentists but I was treated fairly at the Parnell location. No complaints.
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