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Clear Choice - Never received it

I ordered a clear rear bidet device on April 10, 2020. On April 29, I received an email telling me it had shipped and was in transit...but there was no way to track it. OVER A MONTH LATER, it's still "in transit". I emailed them asking for a cancellation and refund, and they told me to call a number. Waited on hold for almost an hour before I gave up. Sorry, it's a SCAM! They either never sent anything, or they are sitting on it to run out the 30 day warranty before it is ever delivered. DO NOT USE THEM!!! SCAM!!!

User's recommendation: AVOID! SCAM!!!

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Clear Choice pulled "ONLINE SCAM." They are criminal organization. Online Scam should be reported to the federal trade investigative agency FTC (Federal Trade Commission) They website is

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Lancaster, California

This review is from a real person who provided valid contact information and hasn't been caught misusing, spamming or abusing our website. Check our FAQ

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The idiots at SkyVerge have wrecked my business at the worst possible time

Update by user May 09, 2020

I have plenty of screenshots I can send to support all of my claims, but I'm not comfortable exposing the back end of my wordpress site, nor the names or contact info of specific people at Skyverge.I'd like to fix my site, not ruin anyone's career, and certainly not give hackers info they might use to crack my site.

Original review posted by user May 09, 2020
I've been using WooCommerce and their plugin from Skyverge for a few years. Starting in February, one of their updates broke my site, to the point that customers could not even make simple single-pay purchases for downloadable items...literally the simplest thing one could imagine for an ecommerce system. Heck, we could do that back in 1995! So far it's cost my company well over $10,000 from one nasty bug that they won't fix; the total lost revenue is much greater, but due to enormous effort and expense from me and extra staff I hired to individually contact every customer with a failed payment, we've managed to recoup some (but not nearly all) of the lost revenue. Not a sustainable solution!! And it couldn't come at a worse time; like many businesses, I'm impacted on both the supply and demand side by the COVID19 pandemic. Ever since I've been back and forth with support, first at Woo and then Skyverge. Skyverge has been beyond worthless, doing nothing but make me incredibly frustrated...their last response was to send me back to Woo support! These people are complete idiots all around; Woo support is pretty bad, but Skyverge is an absolute nightmare. Not only have they wasted my time and totally failed to solve the problem, but they are just sending me cut-n-paste responses to run me in circles. Clearly their support techs are trained to frustrate people in the hope they go away so they don't need to provide any further support. Just a couple examples: #1 They asked me to setup an admin account to login to my system. Sure, no problem...pretty standard for support debugging an issue. I followed all of their instructions, exactly, and promptly provided them the login. I even supplied a screenshot showing their account in the WP backend, with their email address in clear view. What's their response? Well, first they sat on it for several days. Then, the response I got was "We don't know what email to use to login." Really?! I used THEIR INSTRUCTIONS, and I sent them a dang screenshot clearly showing the email address for their account. Seriously? It seems they had no intent to ever actually login to my system; perhaps they think that if they can provide an extremely confusing process, the customers will think it is their fault they are doing it wrong and go away. Not me...I haven't done tech full time in over 20 years, but I've got a wall full of computer science degrees from MIT (yes, really!), so I'm not easily deterred by their attempts to get rid of me with confusing instructions and tech speak. #2 They keep telling me that the bugs are my fault because I haven't updated my software. (Another ploy to minimize their support burden!) Yes of course everything is updated...I always check that first before even opening a ticket. I sent them screenshots showing that everything was updated. They said "oh no, you need to connect your site to Woo, then you'll get all the real updates". Total nonsense! "real updates"? My site has been connected to Woo; I sent more screenshots to show them that I had already done everything they asked in terms of updates, connections, subscriptions, etc. My only recourse now is to hire a third party tech (at significant expense - I was quoted $3000 to fix this, which will also be a nightmare in the future when the next update breaks the fix.) And I have to start the expensive, gigantic headache of switching my whole business to use a different ecommerce solution in the future. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!! You might get lucky and stuff may work for a while, but it's just a matter of time until a bad update wipes out your system, and then you'll totally screwed because their support is incompetent. I expect this kind of support nightmare from the cable company with a monopoly, but not from a software company where customers have options.

User's recommendation: avoid!!!

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The exact same thing is happening to my company right now. Same run around.

You jump through all the hoops then they don't respond for days. when they do, they ask you for the same stuff again. When you say I already sent it, it another day before you get a response.

It is all a runaround. I am losing business every single day because of these incompetent people.

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  • It worked fine for a while
  • Lost over ten grand in revenue that could not be recovered
  • Two months later i am no closer to a solution
  • Updates broke my site
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