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Book Cover Designers do not follow through with promised social media - Blue Harvest Creative

I hedged on hiring a company called Blue Harvest Creative for almost a year after speaking with them. They have great reviews and do wonderful cover designs but when once they are paid - they make you wait for any "help" or assistance in selling your book. I never expected any assistance but they kept promising it and made me believe that what they did offer in tiny increments were things I could not do myself. A quick google search after being criticized and accused of "betrayal" by these people because I posted a link to an ebook sale gave me the information that I needed. The site they had made me believe was "special" was great but I could have requested my book be on the site myself. When I let them know this, they turned their backs on me. I made it very clear that I did not believe in favoritism. They ignored me. It is very clear they have their favorites and only about 20+ clients. A handle of clients get their full attention and the rest struggle and feel as if we are outcasts. The general feeling. Most just sit back and take it but I will not. The most recent "hit" - I quietly withdrew from their closed facebook and they emailed me over two weeks later that I was no longer one of their "official" authors. I thought it was quite trivial of them. They also said they would be returning my books that had been mailed to a book show - they had told everyone there would be 10,000 attendees and only 60 attended. Now, they keep making it a strong point to tell me they are returning the books to me at their cost. Actually, I have already paid for this in the $25 fee they charged each writer to have their books there - as well as the cost for bookmarks created by them and the books we had to order to be sent there. I have no idea what condition the books will be in when they are returned as the person out there who had the books has multiple varieties of animals in her home, including chickens. If there is any damage, they will be submitting the claim for insurance. They do not realize that I do not sit back and take their ill treatment. Some of the others do, but I will not. I know there are better designers out there who will treat me professionally. These people have not. And, in communicating with a few others - I have found I am not the only one who has been treated badly by Blue Harvest Creative. Find another designer for your book or just get a real publisher no matter how long it takes. It's not worth it to do it this way. I spent $600 + $140 + $50 + $25 - hence, I am out almost $800 and hoping to at least sell enough books in the future to cover this expense. This team, at Blue Harvest Creative - if you feel there is something wrong when you speak with them the first time - there is. They lack in professionalism, have favorites (the ones who are more successful) and get whatever they can out of the client. And, use free social media and market it to their clients as something that you have to pay for - that is enough to keep anyone away. On the authorsdb site, some of their favorites have praised them to the heavens and they do whatever they can to get their "authors" to promote them on personal facebook pages. I did not do this more than once and was not supported by them as I should have been. They get your money and it's over unless you keep buying services. They are a team of two people who need a head's up on how to professionally deal with people. They lack terribly in this area. And, they also have their favorite areas - they specialize in horror and the paranormal and seem to not put the effort into books that do not carry this theme. Do your research and do not believe too many positive reviews. I feel I have been terribly taken advantage of and treated unprofessionally. I am accustomed to so much more and received so much less in services.
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