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Roca Labs Does Work

I have had a wonderful experience with Roca Labs. I have lost 28 lbs in 8 weeks. If you use the product as instructed and do the exercise it does work. This is a great product and I know of many who have had great success with Roca Labs. You however have to make sure you follow the instructions and use the product with Diet and exercise to get the best results as you would with anything. I feel that the Formula is very satisfying and filling. I have had no side effects from the formula and will continue to use until I have reached my weight lose goal. I have several freinds and family who are also on the formula nad have had zero issues and continue to do well as I myself also does.
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IF you follow the directions it does work. (no I do not work for Roca Labs). I have lost 40lbs with this and I am still loosing


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Attitude Adjuster: I don't work for Roca Labs, I am a user just like most of the ppl that are visiting this site. I find it rude that you would be discouraging ppl like myself that are overweight and desperate to find a product that would help us lose weight.

Shame on you for making such an assumption. No, I would highly doubt these ppl on this site are getting paychecks from Roca Labs.


"I have had a wonderful experience with Roca Labs."

I gather that you get your paycheck :)

PissedOffConsumer, I suggest that you pull the IP address for all these sham testimonials and publish them.

Also, seek the company's web traffic data in discovery.


This site is for complaints.


Bu!!***. They're paying you.


I am sorry you feel that way but my personal experience has been great.


Hi Anon. Why do you think that they are paying him/her to write this?

You don't hink that somebody can have success witht this product? Just because you or somebody that you know wasn't successfull with this product, that does not mean that it doesn't work for some people.

And as mvesper said...

You have to follow the instructions and use the product with diet and exercise. You might try that nad see if it's still not working lol


Thank you Kenny, I find that people who do not follow instructions always want to plan the product not themselves.

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