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Book Smart Tutors - Poor Service

It is really too bad I did not receive the previous complaint about them faking their reviews. It explains the lack of professionalism I received from Book Smart Tutors. I have to say that my experience with this company has really left me not to trust companies that I have not heard of. I found them by searching on the internet and they were one of the adds I clicked first. Called them. After several phone tags they called my wife and we set up some home tutoring sessions for my daughter. The rate was reasonable and we started the tutoring sessions. The first tutor they sent us only understood some of the chemistry equations and actually told my daughter that she would take the other equations home and give her the answers the next tutoring sessions. They sent us another tutor a week later and he had a very strong accent and talked very fast. My daughter was not able to fully understand how he got the answer and when she asked him how he got the answer he did not really explain himself well. I was very displeased and tried to speak to a manager but received no response except a voice mail 3 days later. Not impressed. Rate was great but I guess that is why they say you get what you paid for.
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Called them about my son who is special needs and had to explain to them the current special education process. They wanted to offer me an unqualified tutor for my son.

In the end I realized that I was not dealing with educators. It appeared like I was speaking to my teenage daughter, and not a professional educator. The price was good but , like they say you get what you pay for. Also to note the other complaint was that book smart tutors faked their own reviews.

Look at the other complaint.

They actually have pictures of two Web pages with the same exact review but using a different name. Looks to me this place is not run by educators.


I have never heard of Book Smart tutors. I have lived here all my life and I am 50.

Must be a spanking new company.

Stay away from these new companies unless you hear a review from a dear friend. Or i Would go to your child teacher and see who they recommend.


Called them and did not find them professional at all. I felt I was speaking to a child.

Would not recommend. Seems like some high school students opened up this business.


After the first call I called them back but they would not respond to my calls or messages. I thought that was rude.


I had a similar issue. The took a week to find my son a tutor.

The first tutor was horrendous and I was very shocked at who they hired. She had a horrible speech impediment and she was teaching my son English. She told me she was at York University and has a learning disability herself. I felt bad for her because it was Book Smart Tutors fault for hiring her.

Apparently she I asked her if they had interviewed her in person and she said no she only had a phone interview.

A week later they found someone else but he was yelling at my son for making simple spelling mistakes. Just do not want to say anymore because my son was hurt emotionally from this ordeal!


When I called them I found them very unprofessional in the nature of their speech and sales approach. I felt like I was speaking to a teenager???? Did not proceed with them.


Thanks for the reviews for Book smart tutors. I am glad I read a few of these reviews and the one about them faking their own reviews does not shock me at all.

Some companies are known to make their own online reviews just to get more business.

I just do not know who to trust anymore.


Found this agency on Google and called them in the middle of August. They told me that they would have a tutor for my son before September.

So I trusted their word. Come September, I decided to look elsewhere.

The called me yesterday to tell me they found my son a tutor and I told them that I already went to another agency that found a tutor for me last week. Good grief!


It is a good thing I read some of the reviews here. I was about to pay for a tutoring package when I read from a previous review that they write their own reviews and there was pictures to prove it.

I just can't trust any company that would do something like that.


I was also left hanging. They said they would find me a tutor for my son.

After 3 weeks of waiting they could not find me a tutor. Went with Kumon instead.

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