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American Outdoors Ad Proof (NW) Inbox x American Outdoors Magazine Attachments12/23/14 to me Dear Sir or Madame, Attached is a copy of your ad proof for your

American Outdoors Ad Proof (NW)Inboxx American Outdoors Magazine Attachments12/23/14 to me Dear Sir or Madame, Attached is a copy of your ad proof for your advertising in American Outdoors Magazine. Please feel free to send any changes or additions to your ad in response to this e-mail or call the number below. Please have your business name and any relevant information regarding your changes ready to be noted. 877-245-**** Please reply as soon as possible to ensure your ad copy is proper as you would like it displayed in the magazine.Corrections will no longer be accepted 2 weeks before the magazine goes to print. For any questions other than those related to design please direct them to: americanoutdoorsmagazine@***.com Thank you for your business! Attachments areaPreview attachment Proof_D_Mills_Studio.jpgImageProof_D_Mills_Studio.jpg David Mills 12/25/14We want to make changes. Give me due date and time. American Outdoors Magazine12/29/14 to me Hi David, Your ad is running in the spring edition so we would want any corrections in by the end of February please. Thank you,Graphics Department David Mills 12/29/14 to American I thought this was coming out before the Chicago Outdoor Sportsmen's show? American Outdoors Magazine12/29/14 to me Hi David, I apologize for the miscommunication, but the magazines come out seasonally. Our Winter issues run from January 1st to March 31st, then our Spring issues will run April 1st to June 30th, which is the issue your ad will run in. Thank you,Graphics Department David Mills AttachmentsJan 2---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: "American Outdoors Magazine" 7:24 AM (1 minute ago) to American American Outdoors Magazine Jan 13 to me David, I'm sorry you were not able to get ahold of anybody. How were you trying to reach us? We have not refunded your payment. We go through a process here. We will be sending your info over to the cancellations dept., They are the ones who will be able to answer your questions. They will be in contact with you in about 48 hours. Again we are sorry. You no longer have our permission to use any of our material and content of D Mills Studio and Design or display any of our adds.return our money that does not belong to you now. David B. Mills III
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Ironclad Engines - Engine warranty not being honored.

We purchased an engine from our local Napa store and opted for the expensive engine for the better warranty, so we thought. We are having trouble getting the lifters on the #8 cylinder to stop making lifter noise. After 3 attempts and several hours latter we decided to replace all of the rocker nuts with the thinking that they usually don't replace them. this was the advice of a certified GM mechanic. The lifters came loose again even sooner than before, so we took it to the local Chevy shop and they had determined after inspection that several rocker bushings were scorned or wore badly. Ok so they send up the parts from Texas we pay the shop $300.00 and that still didn't stop the noises. Upon completing a full compression test they discovered that the #1cylinder has low compression. We then called Ryan at 800-831-**** x2 Napa Ironclad and he wants us to send our engine to him at no charge but if they determine that its not there fault then we pay to have it shipped back and forth to us and get to buy another motor. The local mechanics Vanoy Chevrolet 641-623-**** of Montezuma, Iowa upon his request have determined it is faulty and that the warranty should be honored. My local Napa store owner has told me they have had trouble with Ironclad and has asked is regional manager to stop carrying there product. The local Napa store 641-623-**** owner is being very helpful with this situation and understands what is happening and will most likely be cleaning up ironclads mess financially if they don’t. Since the local Napa owner knows the local mechanics personally that worked on my suburban, they are in agreements the warranty should be fulfilled. I have been inconvenienced for months with this and have now spent more money than they will ever repay. Thanks Ironclad of Napa.
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Verdict is out so far. I have a 4.0L 6 cylinder Napa Ironclad engine that is only 10 months old and have had nothing but problems that have gotten worse over a very short period of time.

Unfortunately I was on a road trip when I threw a rod and didn't really have the chance to do reviews or a choice of engines.

I wish I did because so far most of the reviews I've read on these engines are not good. We'll see if Napa will honor the warranty because I'm getting the same lifter noise that my original engine made before it threw a rod.


I'll be making a claim this week on an engine that has been nothing but trouble . My experience is similar the repair shop and local Napa store agree, the warranty should be honored


I purchased a ironclad reman from NAPA in Carrollton Georgia and it was a absolutely fantastic experience. The engines runs great and they delivered it to mechanic for the install and picked up the core..AAA+ rating for Napa iron clad remanufactured engines

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