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Don Bohn Buick - Biggest Purchase Mistake in my LIFE!!!!

I did months of research to find a mid-size SUV that received good reviews and was in the price range that I was willing to spend. After this long lengthy research, it came down to 2 vehicles that had all the options that I wanted, both had really good reviews and met my price range. My choices I had to choose from was either a GMC Terrain or a Toyota Venza. I have a 2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid that has only need oil changes. So I was really wanting to purchase the Venza. Unfortunately, my husband talked me into choosing the GMC Terrain. So I searched several weeks on the Internet, all over the United States to find a 2014 Slt-2 model Terrain with all the features that I wanted and needed. I found a Terrain about 250 miles away with what was presented and detailed online with all the options and features that was important to me. So after talking and emailing back and forth with the GMC dealership about the vehicle, I was sent a bill of sale and called my credit union to wrap up my own financing. So I made a date to travel 3 states away on my day off from work to go to Don Bohn Buick GMC to purchase the Terrain. I was treated like I was very important customer and that this dealership really wanted to earn my business during the week before I signed all my rights away. So I arrived at the dealership around 10 am in Harvey, Louisiana on Saturday May 3, 2014. This is the point that I made one of the biggest buying mistakes in my life. The dealership had the car cleaned up and the sales agent Don Mathews pulls the vehicle around from the back. He then gets the key and allows me to test drive the vehicle. The first thing I ask and notice is that the Terrain does not have the touch screen navigation. As I explained to the sales agent that is an option I use and need. I explained the at this point my expectations were let down from what was printed on the Internet outlining all the features that the vehicle was suppose to have. He apologized and I said I no longer at that point wanted that vehicle. He said it was suppose to mean the onstar feature would give me my navigation feature. I told him that cost a monthly cost and that is not what was disclosed. I asked that he add the navigation feature to the factory system and I was told that was NOT a possible option. Don Mathews then asked would I purchase the vehicle if he would put a Garmin on the dash. I explained again that the dealership needed to make it right and give me what was advertised. He then stated that he would offer to change out the entire system and add an aftermarket system. I told him that again is not what I was paying for and expecting. The dealership did have another model that actually had what I intended on getting but they would not sale it to me for the price that I had my check in hand for. By this time of going back and forth negotiating it is 5 pm in the evening. My husband finally had enough and had to get loud and yell at the sales manager. The sales manager finally offered to make the deal right by signing an IOU and paying for 4 years of onstar service. He was suppose to be getting with accounting Monday May 5, 2014 and have a check issued for the cost of 4 years of onstar service. I have yet to receive the IOU promised. We sign all the papers and Don hands us one key for this 2014 vehicle. So I get upset about this because I am expecting a set of keys meaning 2. I never imagined that I would be told after I signed the papers that I can just go to a local GMC dealership and I can purchase another key it's only an extra 125 approximately. I am really aggravated at this point but was just ready to leave. So I drive back home to Florida from Louisiana. I drive the new vehicle to work and show it off to a co-worker. As I am showing her my new SUV I look and see that the chrome GMC symbol on the front grill is missing. So I leave work on Monday early to take the vehicle by Vince Whibbs GMC dealership that is local. The service tech looks at the vehicle and checks the VIN # to order a new grill. He then comes back and stated that the grill that was on the vehicle was not the actual grill that came on the vehicle I purchased. At this point I am so upset that I am in tears. I really felt that I was robbed or taken advantage of. I also had seconds thoughts about the GMC product and was going to drive back to Louisiana and give back this piece of junk that was sold to me. The local dealership felt very bad for the experience I had dealt with at this point that the service manager said he would call Don Bohn dealership for me on Tuesday and get info that he needed on how they wanted to handle my situation. Tuesday late afternoon I finally receive the phone call from the service department and the service manager said he has left 7 messages for the sales manager at Don Bohn to call him back with information on how to handle my issue since it has only been 3 days since I bought the Terrain. The local service manager said that he had to order the grill and that Vince Whibbs would cover the the replacement cost and get me a new grill. He stated that my bumper to bumper warranty would only cover replacing the chrome emblem. I said I want what I was suppose to get with the vehicle and nothing less. I said I feel lied to because I would have never known I had an aftermarket grill had the emblem not fell off. He said I will receive a call when the grill arrives. I finally get the call Wednesday that the grill arrived so I setup an appointment to drop off the Terrain on Thursday morning. As I am driving to the dealership my warning light comes on and said that the PSI in my passenger front tire was only 9. I then stop and add air. I make it to the shop and check in and ask that they check my tire. I figured I ran over something. I get a return call from the service manager that said he added air to my tire and then by the time the grill was finished being installed by tire was almost flat again. He said he took the tire off to find the problem and found that the tire would not stay on the rim. He said they will have to keep my vehicle and order a brand new tire and rim. I finally get my vehicle back on Friday May 9, 2014. My vehicle has been in the shop longer then I have been able to drive it. I really wish I never bought the vehicle at this point and I wish I was able to return it. I have left messages on the general manager'a voicemail asking that he return my call and wanted to express my concerns but he will NOT call me back!!! I expected top notch customer service from a high class company. I have never received such a terrible response with any other company after a large purchase made that I have received from Don Bohn GMC dealership. I can't get anyone from the dealership to give me a time frame of when I should receive my promised IOU that I have signed my the manager. I just want what is due to me and I don't feel that I am asking for to much. I will make sure everyone I come in contact with and every social site will hear this ridiculous problem I had with a your product and dealership that carries your name and horrible reputation!!! I will never ever buy another GMC product and will make sure as many people as I can won't buy the GMC product either!!! And I am considering reporting this problem to the better business bureau.
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