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Jesse Keyes plays the role of an educated and self made entrepreneur. With his dark attire, persona and what seems like legitimate references enable him to lure his victims into giving him money for his or other people's investment opportunities. These "investments" include restaurants, real estate development, commercial and residential designing and even clothing lines, like Karolina Zmarlak. He is bright enough to fabricate excel spread sheets, architectural drawings and websites. All his references, biography, claims are false. Every single project listed on his Modo NYC business site has misurably and consistantly failed and at the expense of victimized investors. Not one of these businesses are open today. He also goes as far as to list projects he was never involved in. After the owners of La Esquina discovered Jesse Keyes was making claims that he was the main investor and creator of the establishment, did they issue a cease and desist against Keyes. His "1945" restaurant project in the Cassa Hotel was a million dollar embarrassment for the hotel owners. Keyes played himself as a restauranture available for hire to design and run the restaurant in the new hotel in midtown. He took a weekly fee for designing and organizing the restaurant for weeks and weeks. When a real chef came in to run the restaurant, all the false work Jesse did was unraveled and the design, architectural and engineering was useless and thrown away. The only restaurant Jesse Keyes was involved in was "Griffou" at 21 West 9th Street where he only invested a BORROWED $50,000 out of a million dollar project, which he deviously tried to steal under the noses of the 3 owners. The restaurant after its 2nd year closed due to back rent of $200,000 and failing to pay their purvayors. He lies to the press, pays to be posted on Wiki, social media, the newspapers, websites and magazines. I am one of the victims and I am determined to let other people know how this guy is. I have filed a civil suit against the tens of thousands of dollars he stole from me. His business facade includes; Recap Partners 45 West 21st Street Suite 501 New York NY Modo NYC 130 WEST 25TH STREET, SUITE 5D NEW YORK, NEW YORK 1000 Karolina Zmarlak KAROLINAZMARLAK.COM 130 West 25th Street, Suite 5D New York NY 1000 Beware. This coward is a typical fraud.
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How did this end up?


Damn, sounds like a loser






Who is this loser and liar who speads vile falsehoods.Name yourself, coward.

Otherwise, do the right thing and retract your screed.


Who is this loser and liar who speads vile falsehoods. Name yourself, coward.

Otherwise, do the right thing and retract your screed.


These claims are entirely and verifiably false, written by an anonymous source with no credibility nor identity. Like Donald Trump, this review is written by a digital troll, except unlike Trump, the individual does not have the force of will nor courage to identify himself.


Amazing developments and design over the years. Why is this negative posting of lies anonymous.


Who are you, and what do you know about us? Why would you spread lies Kiki G? Please, send us your contact so we may reach out to your representation


Haven't seen anything about this Jesse Keyes or Karolina Zmarloksince 2013. Finally out of business?

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